Friends: Reddit’s Top 10 Unpopular Thoughts About Phoebe

Even though Lisa Kudrow has been in recent shows like Space Force, Feel Good, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, she will always be known for her role as Phoebe Buffay on Friends. Phoebe is known for being weird, doing her own thing, and not caring what other people think.

She is a well-liked character, and the fact that she does her own thing is often seen as a fun part of the show. However, not all Friends fans like the way she acts. Some people on Reddit are talking about how they feel about her.

Phoebe Doesn’t Have Character Development.

Phoebe’s life has changed a few ways by the show’s end. She wants to help her brother Frank and his wife Alice have a baby, so she decides to be a surrogate and gets engaged to Mike Hannigan.

Phoebe was “forced” to do it, which wasn’t funny.

Many people think that Phoebe’s funny Friends quotes are some of the best, whether she’s singing “Smelly Cat” or conversing about trying to find love.

The relationship between Phoebe and Mike moves too fast.

It’s sweet and meaningful to see Phoebe and Mike fall in love, especially since she and her friends, Rachel Green and Monica Geller, have all had bad luck dating. But even though she and Mike’s love story is a popular part of the show, not everyone thinks that their relationship is moving at a good pace.

It’s better than Phoebe and Joey going out together.

There are times in Friends when Phoebe and Joey almost go out together, and many fans wish the two characters would have fallen in love and gotten married. Several episodes give hints at this, but nothing ever happens.

Phoebe is not friendly to Chandler and Ross.

Even though some Friends episodes don’t make sense, others do because the characters love each other but aren’t always nice to each other. This shows how a group of friends can have tension and fights over time.

The story behind Phoebe gets old.

Ross and Monica Geller have always been close and know their parents love them. On the other hand, she had a hard time growing up and has never had a typical family.

David and Phoebe should be with each other.

Fans of Friends argue whether she should date Mike or David. But many agree that Mike is a good match for Phoebe. And they are happy that they got married and stayed together. Mike and she seem glad to be together and are often shown as a happy couple.

Why should Phoebe have a twin?

Ursula, Phoebe’s twin sister, works as a waitress at the restaurant where Paul and Jamie Buckman always eat on Mad About You. She is well-known for always giving the wrong orders and being confused and naive.

Phoebe needs more history.

The saddest things about her from Friends are her background. And how hard it has been for her because she didn’t grow up in a traditional family.

Why does Phoebe get along with the other people?

Another popular opinion is that it doesn’t make sense for her to be friends with everyone. Askew (2016) wrote on Reddit, “It never made sense for her to be in the friend group.”

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