Friends Star Courteney Cox Thinks That She Is A Tidy Freak Than Monica

Several people think Courteney Cox is more of a clean freak than Monica. This is what happened to Cox after 17 years. He and the other members of the core Friends cast came together for HBO Max’s Friends: The Reunion show last year. The actress played Monica Geller on the NBC show for ten years. From its start in 1994 to its end in 2004.

The show, made by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, was about six friends who lived in New York and had to deal with love and life. It showed how important it is to have a family that you choose. Even though some parts of the show haven’t worked well over the years, Friends was a vast hit when it first came out and was nominated for 62 Emmy Awards. Misfits of Science, Family Ties, and a Bruce Springsteen music video are just some of the roles Cox had already done. Monica Geller was her big break.

Fans didn’t like Monica because she was very competitive and very clean. Cox has said in the past that she was worried about how people saw Monica. As it turns out, Monica had a lot of neurotic habits, but these turned out to be the very things that made her a lot of people love her so much.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cox told the host that she thinks she is more of a clean freak than Monica. When asked if the shared trait was just a coincidence. Cox said that her organized and clean nature played a significant role in Monica’s portrayal. COX:

She told a story about Jimmy Kimmel cutting tomatoes while making dinner at her LA home and spilling tomato juice all over her kitchen counter. She said she had to keep cleaning the mess while he did it because she didn’t want to mess up his work.

“There’s a good chance that I wasn’t typed, but maybe a little bit. A lot of people thought Monica was immaculate, but I think I was even cleaner than she was.”

Since Monica recently launched her line of home-care products and brought them to Kimmel’s show. Cox’s comparisons to Monica are likely valid. This isn’t all, though. Recently, Cox used the product in a TikTok “wipe it down” challenge in honor of one of her most famous roles, Gale Weathers from the Scream movies.

Every person who watched Friends had a favorite member of the group. They were all very strong and very different. As far as many people were concerned, Monica was the cleanest and most competitive person on the list. She was also very good at dancing and had a great relationship with Chandler. This is a good thing to know because it makes Friends even more relatable and lovable. When you know that Cox’s character was in many ways an extension of herself. And that she had a significant impact on the show.

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