Friends Star Supports Reboot: “I Want a ‘Now’ Version”

The One in Which They Start Over? Lisa Kudrow, who performed Phoebe on Friends, says she “would love to see” an updated version of the show about six friends in New York City: Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Joey, Chandler, and Ross (David Schwimmer). Kudrow played the weird Phoebe Buffay for all ten seasons of Friends. Which ran on NBC from 1994 to 2004 or had 236 episodes. Kudrow was requested about a Friends reboot or revival at the premiere of her new movie, Disney+ Original Better Nate Than Never:

I don’t thought there will be a new season of Friends. Not with anyone else in it, “Kudrow talked about the original cast on Where is the Buzz. “I’d be in favor of a remake with new actors. I would love to hear what that would sound like now. ”

Kudrow had already shot down hopes for a revival when she said in 2017 that the group would get together off-screen.

She said on The Today Show that she didn’t think there would be an official reunion. It sounds like a good time, but what would it be about? Consider it. The best thing about the show was that the characters were all in their 20s and had their own families. Now that they all have families, what should we watch? ”

Friends ended 17 years ago, but Kudrow and her co-stars got back together for an HBO Max special called Friends: The Reunion last year. In 2018, Aniston said she “dreams” about getting back together with her Friends co-stars to make more episodes.

Before that show was over, people were already asking if we would do it again. “Courtney, Lisa, and I discussed it,” Aniston said to the magazine InStyle. “I have dreams about it. It was indeed an excellent job I’ve ever had. I don’t know how it would look, but anything could happen. So many shows are getting new starts and doing well.

In the same year, Schwimmer said, “Friends isn’t on break, and there won’t be another “One Where They Get Back Together.”

And during the 2018 episode of Megyn Kelly Today. Schwimmer joked about a sequel series, “Look, the point is, I just don’t know if I need to see all of us with mobility aids and walkers.” “I don’t think so—I don’t think so.”

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