FRIENDS: Ten Plot-Lines that No Other Show Could Have Done

There are several plotlines on Friends that wouldn’t exist in another comedy, whether Phoebe is singing a particular song that she could only come up with or Rachel and Ross are fighting.

10 Monica Admits That Cleaning Isn’t Her Thing

Cleaning is one of Monica’s favorite activities, and she is well known for loving to keep her residence neat and orderly. Only Monica could make an effort to convince her friends that she doesn’t enjoy cleaning.

9 Ross Cries, “Pivot!” When He Can’t Move A Couch.

One of the funniest Friends episodes is “The One With The Cop” from season 5, in which Ross purchases a new couch and decides to lug it up the stairs to his apartment rather than have it delivered. Ross immediately gets into trouble and is known for yelling, “Pivot!”

A plot about a character moving a couch could initially appear unfunny and unfunny because it is so sympathetic and realistic. Ross is endearing in this Friends storyline because he wants to impress Rachel and become a macho guy who can handle anything. Even if it might not work on every program, Ross’s determination to achieve makes this story from Friends one of the most famous.

8 Chandler Wants To Commit To Janice But Is Too Intense

It is well known that Janice Litman-Goralnik is more passionate than Chandler, particularly regarding their relationship. But in season 3, Chandler confesses his readiness to commit to Janice and suggests they travel with her parents and move in together. This concept bothers Janice, who feels that things are going too quickly.

Chandler’s decision to tell Janice that he can move forward in their relationship is specific to Friends because Chandler and Janice have had such a passionate off-again romance, even if other sitcom characters are afraid of commitment.

7 When Joey’s date eats his food, he gets upset.

Fans enjoy Joey’s dislike of sharing meals since they find it amusing how picky he is about his daily fare. Joey can’t believe it when Sarah, his girlfriend for season 10, eats his food.

Joey’s concern might seem odd if this had occurred on another show. However, because this is Friends, fans are accustomed to Joey’s eccentric and amusing behavior. Joey won’t accept anything less than adhering to his convictions about not sharing his food with others. Although he means well, Joey can’t help but be who he is.

6 Are Ross and Rachel On a Break?

In season three of Friends, Ross and Rachel’s relationship is tumultuous, and viewers wonder if the couple is taking a sabbatical. Although the protagonists have different perspectives on their circumstances, it is evident that they are both in great anguish.

Since Friends has become synonymous with the term “we were on a break,” it is difficult to think of any comedy with a similarly hilarious and eccentric break-up plot. It’s compelling to watch Ross and Rachel dispute this issue because both sides have valid points to make.

5 Chandler and Joey Regret Living Separately Anymore

In season 2, Joey and Chandler each have their apartment. While people living alone might not be a significant plot point in most dramas or comedies, it works in this case since Joey and Chandler get irritated over not being together all the time.

This narrative demonstrates how close the characters have grown and how effortlessly and organically they get along and share a place while simultaneously being hilarious and touching. This narrative feels particularly specific to Friends because the show’s goal is to depict friends who support one another through their highs and lows.

4 Phoebe Discovers That Her Song Is Currently Being Used In A Commercial

Phoebe Smelly Cat “Smelly Cat” is Phoebe’s favorite Friends song and perfectly captures her eccentric, energetic, and passionate nature. Phoebe enjoys her independence and finds it difficult to conform to social norms.

In season 3, Phoebe learns that her songwriting partner, Leslie, sold the song’s rights and that it is now being used in a cat litter ad. This could only occur in this situation since Phoebe doesn’t always pay attention to the most important aspects of life; thus, it makes reasonable that she wouldn’t know what her former partner was doing.

3 In a cheerleading outfit, Rachel attempts to flirt with Joshua.

This character would only act as Rachel did in the season 4 plot, which saw her trying to win Joshua Burgin’s affection by donning her high school cheerleading uniform. In the end, Rachel’s plan doesn’t work out, leaving her feeling foolish and ashamed.

After calling off her nuptials to Barry Farber, Rachel searches for her soul mate while feigning indifference to her feelings for Ross and making peace with others. It makes reasonable that Rachel would believe this was an intelligent plan, given her tendency to act foolishly when she likes someone and her desire to reclaim her former popularity.

2 Phoebe finds that Monica and Chandler are dating

“The One Where Everybody Finds Out” from Friends season 5 is one of the best episodes involving Monica and Chandler. The one that learns about this connection initially is Phoebe.

In many TV shows, characters transition from friends to more, but Friends approaches this plot in a unique, quirky way. It’s interesting to see how the characters hear about this significant development at different points in the story. It makes it natural that Chandler and Monica would be reluctant to speak clean with their friends about what has happened. Although everyone is experiencing powerful emotions, they are all ultimately delighted for their friends, which seems natural.

1 Chandler and Joey tend to a baby chick

In season 3, Chandler and Joey made the kind and endearing decision to raise a newborn chick. This decision demonstrates how well they have gotten along and enjoy living together. Then, the characters begin caring for a duck as well.

One of the most iconic elements of the show is Joey and Chandler’s dogs, and it fits in wonderfully here. Although the characters are frequently childish and immature, seeing them progress as they care for the animals is endearing.

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