Friends: The 10 Worst Things Chandler Did To Joey

Joey Tribianni and Chandler Bing are two of Friends’ most popular characters. But there is a big difference in how they treat each other, and Chandler has crossed the line more than once. Even though Chandler and Joey were good friends, Chandler didn’t always treat Joey well.

He Made Joey Doubt Himself

He is always seen practicing his lines and working hard to get better at what he does. Joey finally got a character he was proud of, but Chandler told him it wouldn’t be his big break. Chandler was right, but he shouldn’t have told Joey to think that right before filming.

He made Joey keep a secret from him and Monica.

Monica and Chandler wouldn’t grow up and tell the truth, so Joey had to cover for them all the time. Chandler convinced Joey to give up his morals and lie to Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross.

The Problem with Joey’s Sister (I Forgot Which One)

This was technically something that Chandler did to Mary Angela. But he hurt someone Joey cared about, which hurt him. Joey had a hard time taking the news that his best friend in the world had broken his sister.

He kissed the girl Joey liked.

Even though Chandler had betrayed him, Joey told Chandler to go after Kathy. Chandler felt terrible about what he had done, so he sat in a cardboard box for hours and told Kathy he didn’t want to see her again.

He laughed at the bracelet that Joey gave him.

He was always making fun of the bracelet behind Joey’s back, which was not only mean but also childish and immature. Chandler’s complaints hurt Joey, and even if he didn’t want to wear the gift, Chandler shouldn’t have been so meant about it.

He insulted Joey to hide the fact that he was seeing Monica.

He started to use Joey to hide that he and Monica saw each other. When Chandler and Monica did something that could give them away, they made Joey take the blame, no matter how bad it made him look.

He Fell Asleep At Joey’s Movie Premiere

The scene of Chandler falling asleep at Joey’s movie premiere was hurtful, especially since Joey could have given the ticket to one of the other characters. Even though he might not have fallen asleep while watching Perfect, that doesn’t make what Chandler did any less rude.

He was always mean to Joey.

Joey was good at many things, so he had no reason to make him feel wrong about what he wasn’t good at. He may be proud of his sarcasm, but it’s not funny for him to make fun of his best friend every day for the same thing.

He gave up Joey so he could be with Monica.

Chandler told Joey he wasn’t coming back to town and would miss the Knicks game, but he was with Monica across the hall. He wanted to spend time with Monica, which is fine, but he should have just told Joey that. This is another time when being honest could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and pain.

He made Joey look bad in front of a girl they both liked.

Joey wasn’t blameless in this situation either, but he made it seem like something it wasn’t. They were interested in a girl at the park, but Joey backed off when he told him he had just been dumped. He felt terrible that he was “letting him have her,” so he tore Joey’s jersey, making them fight.

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