Friends: The Main Characters’ First & Last Outfits

Friends on NBC was one of the most important shows of its time for a lot of reasons, and one of them was the way the characters dressed. Friends is full of cultural references, so it’s hard not to wonder what the main characters wore in the pilot episode in 1994 and in the last episode in 2004.

Rachel Green

First Outfit: An Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

The last outfit was a tank top with a print and flared jeans.

Rachel wrote something that stood out in the book “The One Where It All Began.” She wore an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a tulle veil, which made her look like an angelic, trendy Long Island princess. The dress is one of Rachel’s top five outfits from Friends.

Monica Geller

The first outfit was a white T-shirt, a pale yellow jacket, and khaki pants.

Last Outfit: Denim Jacket Over a Flowy Black Dress

Monica offers some of the best outfits in Friends, and her first one is a tribute to several fashion trends that have stood the test of time. She wore a white textile T-shirt with khaki suspender pants, which can be worn with a lot of things. Her clothes looked like they were from a working-class neighborhood in the 1990s. She wore a pale yellow jacket over her t-shirt, a statement watch as an accessory, and white tennis shoes to end off the look.

Phoebe Buffay

First Outfit: Printed Dress, Over-Sized Distressed Denim Vest, and Black Tights

The Last Outfit: Printed Dress and Suede Blazer

Phoebe’s style is unique, and words like “vibrant,” “chic,” “colorful,” and “experimental” are used to describe it. Her clothes show her quirky personality, energy, and refusal to follow the rules.

Chandler Bing

My first outfit: a T-shirt with different colors on it and blue jeans.

The last outfit was a red cardigan, a blue T-shirt, and blue jeans.

Chandler’s clothes were a well-chosen mix of dressy and casual pieces. He had a job from 9 to 5, and he was often seen in stylish work clothes. When he wore casual clothes, like in the pilot, he made sure that everything went together. His first outfit must be one of the most popular ones from Friends that people still wear today.

His name was Joey Tribbiani.

The first outfit: a classic leather jacket, a black T-shirt, and blue jeans.

The last outfit: a black shirt with a collar and jeans.

The first outfit Joey wore on Friends will never go out of style. He wore a black leather jacket, a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots in a stylish way. Overall, the looks fit the character, to say the least. At the beginning of the show, Joey dressed like the actor-want-to-be he was. He always wore casually stylish clothes, and his long, side-parted hairstyle is considered one of the best of the main Friends characters.

Ross Geller

The first outfit was an oversized navy blue jacket, a red button-down shirt, and khaki pants.

My last outfit was a brown pullover with a zipper and tan pants.

In the pilot episode, Ross Geller was going through his first divorce, so dressing well wasn’t his top priority. He wore a blue t-shirt under a baggy red button-down shirt when he went to Central Perk. This was a pretty shabby outfit. He finished off this layered look with a big navy blue jacket, khaki pants with wrinkles, and black boots.

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