Friends: The Reason Why Monica’s Pregnancy was Hidden

Plenty of well-loved shows have had to deal with the issue of one of its top cast members getting pregnant, which can sometimes be a surprise that the show creators didn’t think about when they were making the show. The second option then becomes a challenge for directors, because the actor suddenly finds themselves in close-ups, behind furniture, or in flowy clothes.

In the hit show “Friends,” Courteney Cox played Monica Geller, and she had a bad experience. Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy was part of a storey about Phoebe having triplets, but Cox’s pregnancy needed tricks with the camera and careful placement of props to make it look good on screen. This wasn’t because of lazy writing or production, though. It wasn’t because of that. Developments in the “Friends” storyline made it necessary for her to hide her pregnancy because of Monica’s storyline.

Monica couldn’t get pregnant because she was too old.

They were told that they couldn’t have children at the end of the show. Instead, they looked into adoption to start a family, which was heartbreaking. This plot twist made it difficult to talk about Courteney Cox’s real-life pregnancy in the storey, so the show’s production staff used the same tricks they usually use to hide a star’s growing belly. It’s clear from certain camera angles that Courteney Cox is pregnant by the time the Bing twins arrive, but she’s not on screen long enough to make people notice her.

That’s a good thing, because her pregnancy only came into full view in the last episode. They will be able to enjoy a happy family life with their two new children at that point. In 2020, Cox told her 15-year-old daughter that her pregnancy was “exciting, emotional, and great.” This leaves us to process the information and feel confused, shocked, and old because we don’t know what to think about.

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