Friends Theory Reveals Richard Sabotaged Chandler’s Proposal On Purpose

Monica and Chandler are one of the best couples on Friends. Even though Chandler’s plans to propose to Monica were a mess, it became one of the show’s most memorable storylines. This has led to many different theories and interpretations of the show, its characters, and the things that happen in it. However, one idea says that Richard was to blame for the lot because he tried to ruin Chandler’s proposal. Friends is still one of the best TV shows ever made, and it is now available on streaming services and has grown its fan base.

Friends took viewers to New York City to see how a group of six young adults tried to balance their social, personal, and professional lives while also dealing with all the problems that come with being an adult. Throughout ten seasons, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross had to deal with many problems at work, issues with each other, and, of course, problems in their relationships. Monica and Chandler became one of the Friends’ most popular and stable couples. Keeping with the show’s sense of humor, their relationship was full of ups and downs, sad and funny.

Chandler was the only one in the group who was afraid of committing. When he proposed to Monica, he took a big step, which led to many problems for him and Monica. Chandler tried to distract Monica and make her think he still had commitment problems so she wouldn’t think he was about to propose. It didn’t work out as planned, and things got even worse when Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), showed up. Based on how Chandler’s plan came together, there is a theory that says Richard messed up Chandler’s plans on purpose as soon as he realized what Chandler was about to do.

Friends: Richard tried to stop Chandler from getting engaged.

A Reddit theory says that Richard knew Chandler would propose when they ran into each other at the restaurant. So he did something to ruin this critical moment. Chandler was going to ask Monica to marry him over dinner at a nice restaurant. He was very nervous, so much so that he kept checking the pocket of his jacket where the ring was. Chandler wouldn’t even give Monica his coat when she said she was cold.

Monica came in and stopped him. She had seen Richard come in with his date. The person who came up with this theory says that when Chandler awkwardly hugged Richard, Richard felt the box in his pocket and knew that he couldn’t have Monica anymore. This is also why, when the waiter told him the table next to them was free, he took it since he knew Chandler wouldn’t keep proposing if he was there. Once that awkward moment was over, he began his speech…

Richard showed up at the restaurant where Monica worked a few days later and told her he wanted to marry and have kids with her. He knew what Monica wanted when they were together, so he didn’t have to ask her. Monica was confused when Chandler told her he didn’t want to get married, and Richard suddenly told her he loved her. Luckily, Joey told Monica the truth and saved his friends’ relationship.

How this new idea about friends changes Richard and Monica

People who watch Friends often argue about the show’s couples. Some think the main characters would have been better off with other partners. While others are big fans of the endgame couples, Monica and Richard were one of the essential couples in Friends. But they eventually broke up because they wanted different things. And their age difference made that hard. Monica had a hard time getting over Richard; for a while, they were “friends with benefits.” So it was nice to see her in a happy, loving, and stable relationship with Chandler. People usually think of Richard Burke as a good guy and one of Monica’s best boyfriends. But this theory completely changes that view.

The theory says that Richard is selfish and doesn’t care if he ruined a proposal or Monica’s happiness as long as he could have one last chance with her. Richard’s declaration of love seems fake, and it’s hard to believe he changed his mind about being a father again. This is all very unfair to Monica. The theory also changes the relationship between Richard and Monica because it makes Richard manipulative and makes it hard to know what he did when they were together. Like many other theories, this one can be interpreted differently by each viewer, who will decide if it makes sense or not. If it does make sense, it would completely change the relationship between one of the Friends’ most famous couples.

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