Friends Vs HIMYM: The Ultimate Debate

While we all adore them, the world is binary. There are cat and dog lovers. There are coffee and tea lovers. Similarly, there are Friends Vs HIMYM fans.

So, let’s face it, which of the two sitcoms is better?

Cast Ensemble

In both Friends and HIMYM, the characters’ quirkiness made the shows what they were.

Friends gets this one because it was a true ensemble show where no character stole the show. No matter how famous they were in real life, they all got equal screen time.

Ted got more in HIMYM because it was his story. Some characters, like Lily, went MIA for multiple episodes, like when she went to San Francisco.

2. Storyline

HIMYM wins because it has a central theme – an older Ted telling his kids how he met their mother.

But not in Friends. When asked about Friends, we can only say, “Well, it’s about these six friends.”

3. The Better Ladies’ Man – Joey

Joey and Barney were both womanisers. Joey’s pick-up line was “How you doing?” and Barney’s actions were guided by algorithms and rules.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling-wise, HIMYM beats Friends. In later episodes, the former connected old sub-plots and cut in and out of scenes perfectly. Consider Ted’s birthday goat or Marshall’s slap bet.


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5. Feminist Jokes

I don’t know if you noticed, but HIMYM was occasionally sexist. It was embarrassing to call Marshall a girl because he cried, or the way Barney treated women. Favorite TV Shows That Age Well

6. Graphs

Friends was a hit because it was consistent and felt familiar. The show and its characters didn’t change much over the years.

But the characters in HIMYM grew up and improved. Giving up old things, letting go of the past, and “jumping” were themes of the show.

Clearly, both shows have their flaws. But my favourite is Friends. My go-to show A random episode of Friends always lifts my spirits. An instant mood booster.

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