Friends: Why Ross Is Played By “Snaro” (When It’s Really David Schwimmer)

Even though only one of the main characters in Friends has a twin, Rachel once dated a guy named Ross, who could have been Ross’s twin. For a long time, the mystery character was something about which the audience could guess. Now that everyone knows Snaro and David Schwimmer are the same people.

Friends started on NBC in 1994 and ended in 2004 after ten seasons full of funny characters, jokes, and events that people will remember. David Crane and Marta Kauffman made it. People still think that Friends is one of the best TV shows. Ever, even though it’s been over a decade since it ended. And the number of people who like it has grown since it became available to stream on HBO Max. This has made it possible for a whole new group to learn about Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross.

The relationship between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross was a big part of the show “Friends” (David Schwimmer), which wasn’t the healthiest way to be with someone. Before they got together for real, they went out with other people. Ross, one of the guys Rachel went out with, is like Ross.

He and Rachel got into a fight after their first kiss because Ross made a list of the pros and cons of both her and his girlfriend Julie (Lauren Tom). After all, he didn’t know who to choose. Rachel was hurt and didn’t see a future with Ross, so she started dating a man named Ross. Ross made his first appearance in the season 2 episode “The One With Ross.” Ross was too much like Ross, with only a few minor differences. Everyone in the group was freaked out by the similarities, except for Rachel and Ross, who didn’t get it. In the end, Rachel realized that Ross and Ross were almost exact copies of each other, so she ended her relationship with Ross.

Schwimmer played both Ross and Ross. He did this with some makeup and some tricks on the set. But for many years, people were left to wonder. David Crane told Snaro that he was his Croatian friend as a joke to keep up the act. And keep people guessing about who Snaro is. David Schwimmer looked just different enough from Ross for fans to wonder if the person who looked like David Schwimmer was him. Even though it’s clear from watching the episode again that Schwimmer plays both roles. As the person who knew Ross best could not be more like him.

One of the many fun behind-the-scenes stories from Friends is the one about Snaro. A new viewer might still think there’s a David Schwimmer look-alike out there. Who played Ross Geller’s double, “Ross,” very well in the first few seasons of Friends?

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