From Season 3 to 6 of Friends, Matthew Perry wasn’t home.

Matthew Perry was a crucial part of Friends’ success for ten seasons. Behind the scenes, though, Perry’s life didn’t seem to be going so well. The actor was having trouble with drugs.

The situation was fixed in the end, and now Perry is seen as a hero trying to help people with the same problems.

We’ll look back on how hard things got for Perry and how seasons three through six of Friends were just a blur for him.

Matthew Perry’s Friends co-stars knew he was having trouble behind the scenes.


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But he’s still one of the funniest men on sitcoms in the 1990s; Matthew Perry’s life was not the same when he wasn’t working. He was successful and had everything he ever wanted, but his life away from the camera was falling apart.

After a skiing accident in 1997, Perry turned to alcohol and Vicodin.

People who knew Perry knew that he wasn’t doing well, but people like Matt LeBlanc say that Perry wasn’t open to getting help.

LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on Friends, told People, “I tried to talk to him.” “No one said anything.” It’s a personal struggle; they need to hit rock bottom alone. ”

Lisa Kudrow would agree that seeing a fellow actor in such bad shape was hard. “Hard” doesn’t even begin to describe it. It wasn’t fun when Matthew was sick. We did nothing but stand around helplessly. We were in a lot of pain. Matthew is one of the hilarious people I’ve ever met. He’s funny and charming. Matthew was the one who made us laugh the hardest.

More importantly, Perry knew that if nothing changed, his life could have been in danger.

Between Friends seasons 3 and 6, Matthew Perry had a big problem with addiction.

One thing Matthew Perry didn’t do on the Friends set was brought his problems with him. Perry told the New York Times, “I had this strange rule that I would never drink on a set.” This means there was no booze or anything like that.

I went to work with one of the worst hangovers ever. It’s terrible to feel that way and still have to work and be funny.

Perry was honest about his problems and said seasons three through six were just a blur. “I don’t remember any of those three years.” I was a bit out of it at the time, between the third and sixth seasons.

With all the help he was receiving, Perry knew he had to choose to clean up on his own, not because someone else told him to. He said, “I wasn’t ready to hear it.” You can’t ask someone to calm down. “You have to do it.”

And in the end, that’s what happened.

Toward the end of Friends, Matthew Perry finally decided to do a stint in rehab.

Perry finally chose to go back to LA with his parents to get clean. The most significant change was the fear of dying.

He told the New York Times, “I didn’t stop drinking just because I wanted to.” “I stopped drinking because I was afraid I would die the next day.”

“It scared me.” “I didn’t want to die,” he said. But I’m glad it got that bad. It made me even more decide to get better. ”

Perry said the journey wasn’t easy, especially considering how famous he was then. The actor also knew that it wasn’t something that could be fixed in a few days.

“What was going on with me was so public,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “I’m pretty private, but I was on a TV show that 30 million people watched, so people knew.” “You can’t have a problem with addiction for 30 years and think you can fix it in 28 days.”

The actor’s life is much better now, thank goodness.

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