Heartbreaking Theory About Ross from FRIENDS, That Will Change Everything

The “Friends” characters began having children as they grew older, passing through their twenties and thirties. We saw several children throughout the show’s run, from Phoebe carrying triplets for her brother and his wife to Chandler and Monica adopting newborn twins (via Hello! ), but Ben Geller was the first.

Ben, Ross’s son with ex-wife Carol, was born near the end of the first season. While he appeared with his father and the rest of the gang occasionally, he spent most of his time with Carol and Susan, Carol’s mother. While he was a recurring character for the majority of the show’s run — most notably played by Cole Sprouse, who went on to star in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Riverdale” (via IMDb) — he made his final appearance in Season 8, never to be seen again, meaning he never met his half-sister, Emma. She was born in late the same season.

Because no other characters mentioned his disappearance, fans devised their theories about where he went. One of the theories is quite dark, and it will undoubtedly alter your perceptions of some of the characters.

Ross’s behavior got more erratic as the series continued.

D.F. Lovett, a Reddit user, outlined their theory that Ross lost custody of Ben, which is why he disappears from the final two and a half seasons of “Friends.”

Ross’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic as the events unfold. Because of his anger issues, he is first forced to take a “sabbatical” from his job at the museum. He then starts dating one of his students after landing a job at New York University. He asks a self-defense instructor for help scaring female characters in the same season. He even tries to kiss his cousin the season after that. D. F. Lovett is shown to be both condescending of Phoebe and Joey’s lifestyles and manipulative towards Rachel throughout the series.

Carol fought for sole custody of Ben after becoming tired of Ross’s increasingly strange behavior (and casual homophobia, as Teen Vogue points out) or if Ross lost attention to his son after his dream woman, Rachel, became a mother with his second child, according to Lovett. In any case, Ross does not fare well in this situation. We don’t know if Ross saw Ben off-screen. Perhaps we should give him the excuse.

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