Here Are 14 Brilliant Secret Jokes From “The Good Place,” “Friends,” and “The Office.”

Tahani’s diary in A Good Place has a star-studded foreword.


On Friends, the balloons for Ross’ bachelor party are inflated condoms.


The George Foreman grill that Michael burned his foot on in Season 2 — because he enjoys the smell of bacon when he wakes up — can be seen in the Season 4 episode “Dinner Party.”


The point system examples on A Good Place are incredible.

Phoebe tries to steal Ross’s coffee and cookie at Central Perk in Friends.


For St. Patrick’s Day, Michael has an Italian flag on his desk in The Office.


The office watercooler on The Office is also green for St. Patrick’s Day.


When playing croquet on A Good Place, Jason says “Thor” instead of “Fore.”


A potato appears in Central Perk on Friends at one point.

Michael, Dwight, and Jim drive to the Utica branch of The Office, where Michael and Dwight try to steal the copier. It is padlocked when we see the Utica copy machine later in Season 5.


Eleanor walks past the International Sophisticate magazine before she dies on A Good Place, and Tahani is on the cover. “Tahani is more than Kamilah’s sister,” she explains.


On Friends, when Chandler is depressed about his breakup with Janice and sings Lionel Richie, he holds Janice’s shoe, which he stole earlier.


On The Office, there is some cement above one of Michael’s ears after he puts his face into the glue outside.


Chidi eats at “Eating Nemo” in A Good Place.


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