How Friends Series Side Characters looked Then Vs Now

Even though Friends has been on for 26 years, it seems like more and more people are talking about it because fans can’t stop talking about it. Maybe that’s because it’s a series that can be watched and enjoyed repeatedly. But what would the show be without the characters who were essential to the plot but weren’t the main stars? Without Emily, what would have happened? What would Ross have called Rachel at the wedding? Or, what would have happened if Chandler and Monica’s relationship hadn’t been affected by Richard?

Jane Sibbett (Carol Willick)


One of the most famous roles she played was that of Ross’s first wife, Carol, who leaves him when she falls in love with her best friend, Susan (played by Jessica Hecht). She shows up repeatedly in the show because she and Ross have a son, Ben.

Jessica Hecht (Susan Bunch)

Carol and Susan make a great couple, and Friends fans love them (after all, if Ross hadn’t met Susan, he probably would still be married to Carol, and Ross and Rachel wouldn’t exist, right?). Jessica went on to become a successful actress. She was in movies like Whatever Works, which Woody Allen directed, and Dan in Real Life, which Steve Carell starred in. She also played Gretchen Schwartz in Breaking Bad, where she had other roles. But you might not have known it was her because she looks different without the curls she wore on Friends.

Cole Sprouse is a boy (Ben Geller)

Look how much Ben has changed! For many of us, he’s still that little boy who loved to play tricks that he learned from “Aunt Rachel” and for whom Ross dresses up as an armadillo to explain what Hanukkah is all about. Cole has a same brother whose name is Dylan. The Life of Zack & Cody was the name of the show they were in together. Currently, he is playing Jughead Jones on Riverdale, a drama and mystery T.V. show.

Maggie Wheeler (Janice)

Oh, my God! How much times have we laughed with Janice when she says the same joke over and over again? She is one of my Friends’ most interesting people. Her line and laugh are parts of the show that can’t be changed.

Mitch Whitfield (Barry)

Rachel left Barry at the altar, which we found out in the first chapter of Friends. He is an essential character in the show’s history, especially in the first few seasons. He returns a few times after that, like when he marries Mindy, one of Rachel’s best friends from high school. Rachel, a bridesmaid at the wedding party, has to see the whole family of the man she stood up for at the same church a few years ago. You might remember that the ending of the episode in question isn’t perfect… Anyway, besides Friends, Whitfield often works as a voice actor on T.V. shows and in movies.

Cosimo Fusco (Paolo)

His most recent project was the Spanish T.V. show 30 Coins, which was made for HBO and directed by lex de la Iglesia. Cosimo played the charming Italian stud Paolo, who Rachel fell in love with during a blackout. It’s not surprising that he made Ross so mad. Cosimo is Italian and lives in Rome. Unlike his character on the show, he does speak English.

Mike Hagerty (Mr. Treeger)

Mike has had many minor roles in popular T.V. shows like Seinfeld, Grey’s Anatomy, and Glee, in addition to his work on Friends. He played Mr Treeger, the building manager where Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler lived. He was also known as Michael Gerard Hagerty.

Tom Selleck (Richard Burke)

Tom is a well-known actor who has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He became famous after being in the T.V. show Magnum P.I. He’s been in so many T.V. shows and movies that people don’t always think of him as Richard from Friends. But his part was still essential: he was the man Monica fell in love with, but they couldn’t be together because he didn’t want kids (and by the time he wanted to pursue that life with Monica, it was too late). But he is a viral character, and fans always argue about whether Monica should have stayed with him instead of Chandler. The world could stop spinning, but his moustache will always be there!

Tate Donovan (Joshua Bergin)

Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan were in a relationship, but they broke up when they started working together on Friends. What a mess! Imagine having to work with your ex every day and having to act like you’re still in love with him. Talk about being a pro!

Helen Baxendale (Emily Waltham)

Baxendale is British, just like her character, and is also known for playing Rachel Bradley in Cold Feet. But she has decided to give up fame and spend all her time on her family.

Paul Rudd (Michael “Mike” Hannigan)

How Mike and Phoebe meet is the best part of their love story. Joey was supposed to introduce Phoebe to someone, but he forgot. Joey makes a last-minute change when their double date begins and says he knows Mike. He didn’t have a friend named Mike, so he started shouting “Mike!” in the restaurant, which is when Paul Rudd walked in. Rudd has had a successful career as a comedian in addition to Friends, and he is now known for playing Ant-Man (Scott Lang) in the Avengers movies.

Kathleen Turner (Charles Bing)

Chandler’s mother and father divorced because Chandler’s father had an affair with the boy who cleaned the pool. We don’t get to know him until Chandler and Monica invite him to their wedding in Las Vegas, where Charles is performing his show. Kathleen is an actress who plays a drag queen, but she has rheumatoid arthritis, which had completely changed her body from when she was younger.

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