Insider says Jennifer Aniston is ‘reeling’ after being abandoned by friends.

Do any of Jennifer Aniston friend’s like her? One rumor says that everyone who ever loved her has left her. This story sounds too bad to be true. Let’s look more closely.

“I can’t believe anyone.”

Woman’s Day says that Aniston’s inner circle doesn’t exist anymore after she criticized celebrities who are “famous for doing nothing” and got backlash online. After Aniston said what she did and the attacks started, it seemed like none of her friends said a word. A source says, “Jennifer Aniston has never had this kind of backlash before, and it hurts her.”

Aniston told Variety that famous people on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are “watering down” an actor’s job. Critics have called Aniston the product of nepotism because her parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, helped her get into the business.

Aniston seems to have thought that her friends and ex-lovers would come to her defense, but they haven’t. “None of them wished to get involved in public,” a source says. Jennifer was shocked because she thought she had a very loyal crew, but now she’s starting to doubt that.

What Was Jennifer Aniston’s Response?

We have a hard time believing that Aniston thought all of her friends would back up a comment she made in a strange interview. If she had known it would cause so much trouble, she might have kept it to herself from the start.

Aniston’s comments to Variety indeed caused a little bit of a stir. As you might expect, Woman’s Day takes Aniston’s words out of their original context. She didn’t just say bad things about people with power. She was talking about the internet culture at the time when Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape got out.


“It happened when the internet changed how people became famous.”

This idea is that people can become famous for doing almost nothing. I’m talking about Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, and all. ” Fans said Aniston was trying to keep her fame to herself and didn’t realize how lucky she was to have her parents help her.

This tabloid is wrong when it says that the scandal is about Aniston’s friends leaving her. If you can even call it an affair, it’s really about how Aniston feels about the internet culture and how there are more ways to become famous than through acting. Many of her fans came to her defense, but some didn’t.

Friends and ex-lovers of Aniston haven’t said anything because, well, why would they? Aniston won’t lose her job if she complains about the popularity of TikTok, so why would Courteney Cox or Brad Pitt say anything? Most likely, they didn’t know anything about it at all. Lewinsky did hear about it, and she liked a tweet that called out Aniston for being unfair to her.

Even more, talk is going on.

Woman’s Day is the worst place to look for information about Aniston. It still says that Aniston is going out with Brad Pitt. She is told to live with his daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and Aniston should have given birth to his twins long ago. This didn’t happen. Strange as it may seem, Aniston still has friends. No one would ever talk to a trashy tabloid like that.

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