Ross and Phoebe Should’ve Ended Up Together, Ross and Rachel Was A Mistake!

Friends ended with Ross and Rachel reuniting after ten seasons, but Ross and Phoebe would have been a better match. Friends premiered on NBC in 1994. Despite starting with high ratings, the show became one of the most successful and popular television shows. It ended in 2004 with a two-part series finale seen live by over 50 million people worldwide. In past years, a new generation has discovered the show via Netflix. The show will soon move to HBO Max, and a full cast reunion special has already been confirmed.

Friends followed a fictional friend group as they navigated New York City’s life, love, and career. Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, was Monica’s brother and Chandler Bing’s college roommate. So he was in all 236 episodes. He and Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green were the central “will they/won’t they” couple. This arc spanned the show’s entire run, with Ross admitting his teenage crush on Rachel and suggesting asking her out in the pilot. The friendship had its ups and downs and produced many of the show’s most memorable moments.

Why Ross and Phoebe Would Have Been a Good Match

On the surface, Ross and Phoebe being a couple, seem absurd. But it makes sense on many levels. Despite being the group’s supposed stable adult, Ross would go on to engage in several meme-worthy Friends exploits. Ross showed signs of being irrational and even dangerous.

Why Ross and Phoebe were superior to Ross and Rachel

Throughout Friends, it became clear that Ross and Rachel’s relationship was built on idealized versions of each other, not sustainable versions. Ross had adored Rachel since high school. Rachel, meanwhile, saw Ross as the embodiment of the passionate intimacy and devotion she had previously lacked. So it was no surprise when their relationship imploded, the reality not matching the long-built fantasy. Ross couldn’t handle Rachel changing and evolving from who he thought she was. Ross also smothered Rachel. The couple’s tension manifested in frequent explosive arguments.

This duo could have saved later seasons.

The ripple effect of Ross and Phoebe dating would have been vast. The story could have avoided weak, unnecessary plot elements like Baby Emma, which only showed Ross’s ambivalence towards his son. Similarly, Paul Rudd’s Mike, Phoebe’s eventual husband, felt forced into the established group. Having Phoebe in a relationship with Ross would have allowed him to appear still, albeit less forcedly. It could have also omitted the Joey/Rachel romance. Though many fans believe Joey would have been a better choice for Rachel, it was widely viewed as illogical, even referenced on an episode of A Good Place.

R&P as Endgame Would Have Helped Rachel’s Arc

Rachel’s journey had been self-discovery and personal fulfillment since the Friends pilot episode. Unlike Joey’s journey as an actor, Rachel’s character arc is rooted in comedy and drama. Rachel began her career as a waitress in Central Perk and worked up the ranks. Rachel had the chance to further her career in Paris by the end of Friends.

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