Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Reunite with ‘Friends Forever’ Merch

They’ll always be there for you. Jennifer Aniston, who is 53, and Courteney Cox, who is 57, got back together recently to pay tribute to their friendship and the show that made them famous.

Jennifer Aniston shared a Boomerang with her 40.2 million Instagram followers, showing her and Cox wearing “Friends Forever” T-shirts.

The former “Friends” cast members showed off the merchandise on Monday. They captioned the post with “friends forever” and tagged the charities @americares and @ebmrf.

The funny T-shirts and other “Friends” merchandise are being sold for a limited time to raise money for the health and development nonprofit Americares and the EBMRF, which is raising awareness for the rare genetic skin disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Fans of the show can buy hats, hoodies, shirts, mugs, phone cases, and sweatshirts with memorable “Friends” quotes and scenes, like Rachel getting off the plane in Paris or Monica’s wild curls when the gang goes to Barbados.

The limited-edition cast collection items focus on Seasons 7 through 10 of the 1990s sitcom and will only be available for four weeks. The items in the charity collection range from $64.99 for a sweatshirt to $19.99 for a mug.

In the Instagram post, Aniston wears a white T-shirt, and Cox wears a black sweatshirt that both says “Friends Forever” and has a circle of six keys around the words.

The design makes me think of the sad ending of the show. When Chandler and Monica, played by Matthew Perry. Move out of their famous New York City apartment and leave their six keys behind.

From 1994 to 2004, “Friends” had ten seasons and became one of the most popular TV shows. The last series was the most-watched episode of the 2000s.

In 2021, for “Friends: The Reunion,” the popular show’s cast got together to talk about old times. They also said that they had stayed in touch over the years.

Aniston, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow seem to get along very well. They hang out together and say nice things about each other a lot.

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