Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Courteney Cox’s Birthday with Friends Throwback

Wednesday, June 15, was Courteney Cox’s 58th birthday. To celebrate, Jennifer Aniston posted an old Friends clip.

Aniston, who is 53 years old, put a picture of the two actors from when they were on Friends on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Happy birthday, CC! I love you so much.”

The Morning Show star, who played Rachel Green in the hit 1994 sitcom, met Cox on the set of the show, and the two have stayed close since the show ended 18 years ago.

After she showed the picture, she led a clip from the 2001 episode “The One Where They All Turn 30”. In the video clip, Cox’s character Monica Geller gets drunk at her surprise party and passes out.

During the scene, Monic tells her parents that she’s drunk. As an adult, she can do whatever she wants. She then passes out.

Jennifer Aniston put the video on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Cheers to being an adult.”

Aniston was recently criticized for commenting on how internet culture affects celebrity status. She recently posted a picture of herself wearing a black-and-white printed dress that Cox wore on Friends.

Aniston teased her fans with an old picture of Cox wearing the same lace-trimmed dress while filming an episode of the show. She posted the photo on her Instagram Stories.

“Does the dress remind you of something? Still got it!” she wrote on her Instagram story, along with a screenshot of Cox’s character wearing the dress in a season 8 episode.

This year, the stars of “Friends” got back together to promote a new line of merchandise for charity.

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