Jennifer Aniston Claims that the Studio Threatened to Fire two of ‘Friends’ Cast Members

Jennifer Aniston says that the studio threatened to fire two of the prominent cast members of Friends. The sitcom ran for ten seasons, from 1994 to 2004, and quickly became a hit with both critics and viewers. In the last, it was one of the most-watched TV shows ever. On May 27, HBO Max showed a special called “Friend: The Reunion,” which brought the show’s original stars back to the set.

The show “Friend” follows six friends as they go through their 20s and 30s in New York City. All of them are well-known TV characters. Jennifer Aniston plays Rachel, who travels with her childhood best friend Monica after leaving her soon-to-be-husband at the altar (Courtney Cox). She has had an on-and-off relationship with Monica’s brother, Ross, for the show’s whole run (David Schwimmer). Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), who lives across the hall, are also in the group.

Fans may struggle to imagine the show without that core group of actors, but in an interview with THR, Aniston said that Warner Bros. executives had threatened to fire two of them. She says that the studio said this while the cast was renegotiating their salaries, telling the young actors that Friends could only work with four of them. She remembers, though, that they saw through that quickly. Here’s what she said next:

We did have much fun together. When we were young and stupid and trying to negotiate, the studio said, “Well, we don’t need all six of you.” We can do it with you four. ” “What?” we asked in shock. Can you do it? Rachel or Joey? Who do you think you can get rid of? ” I told them, “No, they can’t.” “Wake up.”

During the ten seasons of Friends, the actors were often able to get better deals by putting pressure on the studio. Before season 3, all six agreed to work together and get the same pay. By seasons 9 and 10, they were still doing this. They made $1 million per episode, making Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow the best-paid TV actresses. From 2000 on, they could get royalties from syndication, which used only to be available to stars like Jerry Seinfeld, who owned their shows.

The sitcom was made so that each of the six stars could shine independently and as a group. But it was also vital that they get along well on screen. Suppose any of the main characters left during the show’s run. People wouldn’t like the show as much as they do now. When Friends fans hear that Warner Bros. threatened to fire two of the cast members, they are likely to laugh. Aniston and her co-stars called the studio’s bluff, which was good. And the stories of the characters were told from beginning to end.

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