Jennifer Aniston doesn’t believe Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp’s career seemed to be over after he lost a famous case against a British newspaper for beating his wife last year. Amber Heard had also gone to court in the UK and given a recorded statement to help the publisher get Johnny Depp in trouble.

After being accused of hitting his girlfriend, Johnny Depp lost a lot of work in Hollywood.

The actor is now riding a wave of popularity after winning the defamation case against his ex-wife.

His social media followers have grown by leaps and bounds, and some celebrities have always trusted him. Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel on “Friends,” was one of them. She started following him on Instagram after winning the case against Amber Heard.

The actress seems to have decided to follow the actor based on how the trial went. Since she isn’t following Amber Heard on Facebook’s app.

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