Jennifer Aniston is Dating In Secret! Here’s Everything We Know!

There have been rumours that Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm have been going out on “secret dates.” After working together again not long ago on an upcoming project, the pair quickly became “smitten” with one another. According to a source who requested anonymity, the ‘Friends actress has been very public about her feelings for the ‘Mad Men actor. The couple is said to have started dating behind closed doors.

Jen and Brad were married from 2000 to 2005, at which point Brad divorced Jen in favour of Angelina, whom he had met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. According to reports, the Friends actress is over heels in love with Jon, while Brad is advancing on the attractive model Emily Ratajkowski, who has just divorced her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.
‘Woman’s Day’ was informed by a source that Jennifer had always had feelings for Jon, but the circumstances surrounding their relationship had never been favourable.

Jennifer and John dating in secret
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Meanwhile, the allegations that Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm are dating are not “new” in the traditional sense of the word. In the year 2020, there were rumours in the tabloids that the two were dating. Gossip Cop, on the other hand, debunked the assertion and added that they had a conversation with a representative close to Aniston and were assured that the allegations were not genuine. Since the termination of her marriage to Justin Theroux, ‘Friends star Jennifer Aniston has been living a single life. It was also rumoured at the time that Hamm was involved in a romantic relationship with his co-star on “Mad Men,” Anna Osceola. Even though it is not impossible for Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm to end up in a romantic relationship, none of the two stars has confirmed their involvement in a connection to the public.

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