Jennifer Aniston no-makeup selfie’s shows beach waves

The only type of online selfie with our full support is the “no makeup” variety, especially when the industry leader speaks with their hair and is an avid admirer of still photographs of Jennifer Aniston.

On Tuesday, July 26, the 53-year-old woman shared a selfie on Instagram in which she did not wear makeup. The photograph shows Aniston’s hair has been curled to perfection by nothing more than the sea breeze and the salt water. This is the effect those of us who live inland try to achieve with sea salt sprays. The performer safeguarded her complexion from the harmful effects of the sun by donning a woven hat with a drawstring and a pair of sunglasses with see-through frames.

Although we can only see a fraction of her swimsuit, Jennifer Aniston is sporting her signature all-black swimwear, albeit we can make out the strap. Jennifer Aniston did not include any words in the description; instead, she used the following three emojis:  👋🏼☀️❤️ .

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I shared another carefree, makeup-free selfie in January on my Instagram account. She flaunted her naturally wavy and curly hair in the image and captioned it, “Okay, Humidity…” Let’s go….” the star of the television show Friends, known for having straight, smooth. And highlighted hair, is beginning to appreciate her natural curls.


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The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Aniston in December 2021. She discussed how the public views the intimate aspects of her life. “I used to take it all very personally, even the rumors that I was pregnant and the general notion that she chose her profession above having children,” she added. “It’s as if you have no idea what’s going on with me personally or physically. Which is why I can’t…can I have children?” No one has ever attempted to enclose her in a picket fence with white pickets. They are ignorant of everything, and what they said was insulting and plain cruel… Dolly Parton is an excellent example, as she had no children. But does she get slack for it from other people?

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