Jennifer Aniston Says a Producer Told Her ‘FRIENDS’ Was ‘Not Going to Make You a Star’

Jennifer Aniston‘s last TV comedy was Friends. She had a few guest roles but didn’t lead a TV show again until 2019’s The Morning Show, a drama. Before Friends, Aniston was on many comedies that didn’t last, like The Edge’s sketch comedy show and a Ferris Bueller TV series. One of her old producers didn’t like Friends very much.

In Friends: The Reunion, which aired on HBO Max, the cast of the hit TV show got back together. Aniston told the story of how her producer didn’t like it, and the creators of Friends, Marta Kaufman and David Crane, and producer Kevin Bright explained why they had to let Aniston do another show at the same time. Friends: The Reunion, which starts on HBO Max on May 27, will tell you much more.

Before “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston was cast in another show.

When Bright, Kaufman, and Crane were looking for people to work on Friends, Aniston was already working on another CBS sitcom. So severely did they want Aniston to play Rachel that they took a chance and hired her anyway?

Bright said, “She had already agreed to be on a show called Muddling Through.” They had already filmed six episodes of this show, so it wasn’t just the pilot.

Kaufman said they were taking a risk that Muddling Through would be canceled.

Kaufman said, “We took a big risk by hiring her, giving her to this other show, and waiting to see who wins.”

Crane said that Friends would have lost Aniston if Muddling Through had been a hit.

Crane said, “We filmed not only the pilot but also probably three episodes of Friends while that show was still on TV.” “We would have had to recut the first three episodes of Friends if CBS had picked it up.”

Jennifer Aniston asked “Chugging Through” to let her go.

By the time she did Chugging Through, Jennifer Aniston had been in a few pilots that never turned into series, and even the ones that did were only on for a short time. She only had to go to work.

Aniston said, “First of all, I had a graveyard of failed pilots.” “I’d done a pilot a year. I thought you did that.”

Friends made Aniston feel different. She wanted out of Muddling Through at that point.

Aniston said, “I just remember sitting with these five other people and thinking, ‘This is the best group of people, this is the best script, and I have to do this.'” “I went to the show’s producer with my tail between my legs and my hat in my hand because they hired me in second place and said, ‘Please let me off this show. Nothing against your show, but I love the show I’m doing right now. I love these people, and I’m having a great time.”

The producer of “Muddling Through” eventually had to take back what he said.

During the 1994–1995 TV season, Friends would take the world by storm. When it first came out, this surprised people in the business. Aniston said her Muddling A producer made fun of Friends, but Aniston quickly proved that the producer was wrong.

“‘I saw that show,’ he says. I have something to tell you. You won’t become famous because of that show. This show will make you famous,'” Aniston said. “That’s enough.”

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