Jennifer Aniston Says Sebastian Stan would’ve Played Joey in ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston said that actor Sebastian Stan would have done a great job in the iconic role of Joey Tribbiani on Friends, played by Matt LeBlanc.

During an appearance on Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” the star of Pam and Tommy said that the show helped him get through “a lot of lonely nights.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to have a friend in the room,” the Murder Mystery actor said. “Stan was a great cast member,” she added.

“You would have been Joey,” Aniston said.

Stan, on the other hand, disagreed with the actress. They became famous when she played Rachel Green on a TV show.

“My friends would always ask me, “Who do you remind me of the most?” I was always closest to Chandler because I’m a nervous wreck,” Stand said.

He also said, “And I used to laugh until I died.”

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