Lisa Kudrow Says She Wants To See a FRIENDS Reboot With the Brand New Cast

Lisa Kudrow wants to see a Friends revival with a new cast.

The actor, who played Phoebe Buffay in the show, was asked by Where Is The Buzz if Friends could return somehow.

Friends are not going to get a new season, Kudrow said. “I mean, not with us in it.”

When it was said that the reboot could have a completely new cast, Kudrow was more excited about the idea. I would like to see how that looks now. I’d like to see how that would look. There’s not.

They all came back together last year for an HBO movie called Friends: The Reunion.

In the special, the cast went back to the set of Friends, took a trivia quiz, and talked about how the show has changed since then. They also spoke about the possibility of meeting again with host James Corden.

In the show, Kudrow said: “It’s all up to Marta and David. I once heard them say, and I agree, that they did a great job at the end of the show. The good things would have to be put in order if there were stories. I think that’s right.”

This will make me cry, but this is the last time we’ll be asked about the show as a group and do this. We won’t do this again in 15 years.

When Friends started in September 1994, it aired its last episode in May 2004 after 10 seasons.

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