Did you Know Lisa Kudrow was Actually Pregnant during FRIENDS?

When Lisa Kudrow got pregnant in real life, It was used as Phoebe’s triplet pregnancy track in season 4. Did you know Lisa Kudrow was pregnant while filming Phoebe’s Story?

Phoebe Buffay had her baby at the end of the fourth season of “Friends.” She was still raising triplets for her brother and his wife. The character gives birth in the fifth season.

“OK, have a good show, love you, love you, love you. Have a great show”, they would say backstage when I was pregnant.” They all loved Julian. Everyone was supportive throughout my whole experience, so everyone naturally knew it was a baby boy, they even knew his name too.

When asked about how she felt about going through all the shooting while pregnant, she said, “It’s sweet they included my fetus.”

Julian is Lisa’s college-graduate son. She posted a photo of her and her college-grad son. She captioned, “Happy proud HAPPY.” He didn’t cry, but I did.

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