Matt LeBlanc Accidentally Ate Food That Had Been Spit Out By David Schwimmer on FRIENDS

Friends have been entertaining people for more than 26 years now. Even though the show ended in 2004, the stars of the global hit show always have something new to say about the time they made history on TV. Saturday is Matt LeBlanc’s birthday. He played Joey, a lovable and goofy character who had a lot of fun with food on the show.

Matt told a story about when Rachel made the meat trifle in the season six episode, The One Where Ross Got High. In 2018, he was on the Graham Norton Show. When Rachel made the dessert from scratch, she accidentally mixed up two recipes and created something that didn’t taste good. In the end, Matt told a story that made other people on the show sick.

Matt said that they were just given whipped cream and bananas on the plate to film the scene. There was no meat in it, unlike what the script said. This is different from what Matt said. He had to eat a lot of food when the scene started. David Schwimmer, who played Ross, did a good job with the role. In the middle of the movie, David began to laugh, so the film had to be cut short. “He kind of throws it back on his plate.” A: I’m in a chair next to him, but I don’t want to see him. Nobody saw him put the food back on the plate. Matt said, “Give it to me, ” to get his plate.” He then took some off of his plate and put it on his own.

As a follow-up, LeBlanc said that David’s cream and bananas had been scraped off in the next take, but no one said a word because it was the same cream and bananas that David had spilled out. Matt said that he didn’t know what he had eaten until the wrap party when they were watching the bloopers. When he found out about the same, his face fell to the ground.

Everyone laughed at the disgusting story, but it will change how you watch this episode again.

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