Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry made unscripted trolls on Friends.

For ten years, Friends ruled the world of sitcoms. Even though the show ended in the early 2000s, it is still crucial, mainly because it is easy to watch. In the next section, we’ll examine how it was shot and why it differed from other comedies. We’ll also look at times when Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry made fun of each other.

It turns out that the unplanned lines made it into the show!

Friends had a few famous lines that weren’t in the script.

Friends liked to do things differently. The show was never too polished, and the lines were written before filming could permanently be changed.

It was all about how the audience reacted to specific lines. Sometimes, Lisa Kudrow would even ask the people in the studio if they understood a line or joke she was trying to make.

The actors were also quite good when delivering their lines. When something didn’t work, it was up to Matthew Perry to develop a better line on his own.

David Schwimmer was also brilliant. In the Trifle episode, he came up with the line, “It tastes like feet.”

Courteney Cox said that Jennifer Aniston forgets her lines the most, but Jen has given the show some memorable moments.


Chandler’s “Q-Tip” line and Joey’s accusation that Chandler was to blame for the sticky pages were made up on the spot.

It might be the best line Chandler has ever said on the show. Chandler asked if anyone knew a tailor to start the moment in season 2. Joey then spoke up. “He made my first suit when I was 15—no, 16—no, 15—when was that, 1990?

At this point, Chandler says, “You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance,” which has become a famous line. The line made everyone laugh hard, and fans still talk about it today.

“My ALL-TIME favorite Chandler line, ladies and gentlemen!”

“When the scene first came out on TV, I remember hearing that line. I think it’s Chandler’s best example of sarcasm. There’s indeed a lot of competition.

During the Thanksgiving episode of season 6, LeBlanc would finally get his own back on Perry. While Rachel is telling them about the trifle, Ross and Joey quickly figure out something went wrong. At that point, Joey yells, “Chandler!” Beef doesn’t go in a trifle…

Fans say it was one of the funniest parts of the show, and we’re not sure how everyone kept it together. The show’s creators think this is one of the dirtiest jokes on the show.”

“Chandler!” being yelled at by Joey is a GEM of a joke. We said so much with just one word and a unique expression.”


Did Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc fight the scenes?

Many people think Chandler and Joey are among the best sitcom duos ever. But LeBlanc’s dad did stir things up a bit by saying that the two might have had problems.

“A couple of times, he wanted to beat up Perry,” he told Radar Online.

Since Matt LeBlanc and his father have had problems and don’t talk, it’s possible that the statement isn’t true, even though there were other rumors that Perry might write a tell-all book about their actual relationship.

Still, LeBlanc said that despite the rumors, they are still very close and got along fine at the reunion.

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