Matt LeBlanc’s Dad Claims His Son Wanted to Fight Friends Co-Star Matthew Perry

Since Friends was one of the most popular sitcoms ever, it wasn’t a surprise that fans really wanted to see a reunion show. For ten seasons, people watched as these six friends dealt with life and friendship in a funny way. Off-screen,  Matt LeBlanc’s, who played Joey, called Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, his little brother. Paul LeBlanc, Matt’s dad, said something very different.

Paul LeBlanc told Radar Online that his son and Perry didn’t always agree and that Matt LeBlanc’s wanted to hit Perry a couple of times. He went on to say that Matt thought David Schwimmer was “kind of dry and a little too serious,” but that Lisa Kudrow was always his favorite. Perry, for his part, hasn’t said anything bad about LeBlanc in public either. Sources say, though, that Perry’s upcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, will reveal all of his Friends co-stars’ juicy secrets. The book is going to come out in November.

A new memoir promises a look behind the scenes.

It’s important to know that Matt LeBlanc’s father left when he was a child, but they got back together as adults. Reportedly, the son bought his father a classic Porsche car and a six-bedroom house in Colorado. However, at some point, he stopped talking to his father, locked him out of the house, and made him sell the car as punishment for breaking trust. Matt allegedly said:

“He was a ladies’ man. He’s a man now. He’s old now. He and I don’t talk. You can learn valuable lessons from unpleasant people too.”

In the meantime, the rumor mill is coming up with stories that back up what Perry’s supporters say. One insider said this about Perry’s upcoming autobiography:

“Matt will be rudely awakened. The whole story of that betrayal hasn’t been told yet, and Matthew won’t hold back.

The source explained that Perry will be very honest in his autobiography about what happened after the show ended, such as how LeBlanc started his own spinoff show, Joey, without telling anyone. Also, Perry didn’t talk about it on the reunion show last year to avoid controversy, but he’s ready to set the record straight and won’t hold back.

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