Matt LeBlanc’s Favorite Friends Episode May Surprise You

It’s been 18 years since the NBC sitcom “Friends,” created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, ended after ten seasons, but each of the 236 episodes still has a special place in the hearts of the fans and cast members alike.

During the series, the six friends have some significant life events, like when Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) gets off the plane in Paris to be with Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and when Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) becomes the surrogate mother for her brother Frank’s (Giovanni Ribisi) triplets, and when Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) sleeps with Chandler Bing There are also many more minor parts of “Friends” that are funny, like when Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) tries and fails to learn French and when Phoebe says that everyone has a “lobster.”

Since almost every episode of “Friends” has at least one scene that stands out, it can be hard to pick a favourite. But LeBlanc’s favourite episode is one that most people wouldn’t expect the man who played Joey, the fun-loving, not-so-bright ladies’ man, to pick.

The Last One is a movie that Matt LeBlanc likes.

LeBlanc’s favourite “Friends” episode isn’t one where everyone laughs a lot or Joey does something funny. After playing Dr Drake Ramoray on “Days of Our Lives,” he isn’t going after women or looking for his next significant role. Instead, Chandler and Monica, two of Joey’s best friends, move to the suburbs with their new twins, and Joey has to say goodbye to them.

LeBlanc’s favourite is “The Last One,” the bittersweet two-part finale of “Friends” that aired on May 6, 2004, and was watched by 52.5 million people, according to the New York Times (via Glamour). It’s the last of an era not only for the characters, who are all going their ways, but also for the actors, who became close during the ten years of filming. LeBlanc said, “That was a hard week.” “It was tough to know that it was almost over. The best show ever. That was very hard.”

LeBlanc was sad about the end of “Friends”. He started smoking again while making the last episode, even though he had quit before (via Skavlan). “It was a great ending to a great part of our lives,” he said. “Only five other people know what it was like to be a part of that.”

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