Matthew Perry Refused to Do This One Storyline on FRIENDS

A new book has just come out that talks about all the different twists and turns the classic sitcom didn’t take. And Monica’s secret closet was the best place to hide some scenes (The One With The Secret Closet).

When Saul Austerlitz wrote Generation Friends: An inside look at the show that defined a TV era, everyone who likes 90s-style humor should read it. And some revelations are exciting.

People who worked on the show that shaped a generation will read the book and find many exciting things about it. In one scene, Matthew Perry says no.

Perry, who is now 50, has turned down a storyline that would have made Chandler Bing sneak into a gay bar because he loves their tuna melts.

It’s almost certain that this storyline would have gotten old even faster than the tuna melt itself. There would have been a lot of jokes about Chandler frantically telling everyone that he wasn’t gay, and there would have been a lot of them.

It says in the book:

Perry didn’t want to read the story, so the author put it away for now.

I have to say. As much as I love Friends, the show didn’t hit the right note about talking about LGBTQ+ people. I’m glad this storyline didn’t get the chance to show up in front of everyone.

Although the show was supposed to be about a group of hip, well-educated New Yorkers, it was full of jokes about the male characters’ constant, almost obsessive, discomfort with their sexuality.

This is most true of Chandler, who was afraid of being seen as gay and scared of getting married. He made a lot of worried jokes about his “gay dad.”

Chandler’s unconventional childhood has left him with a shaky sense of who he is. But he’s also supposed to be a smart, well-read person with a well-known dry wit. That this would bother him so much is strange.

When Chandler’s friends find out he accidentally “kissed” a guy back in college, he feels like he went over the top. This is just one example from the huge box set. Can it be any less important?

Chandler, of course, was not the only person who did this. How many people can forget how freaked out Ross was at the thought of Baby Emma’s nanny being a man?

Ross even asked Sandy, the nanny, if he was gay. And he was very uncomfortable with Sandy’s supposed feminine traits and career choices. After the sandwich gate, we hadn’t seen Ross so scared.

Rachel moved in with a creepy guy named Gunther, and Chandler made bomb jokes at the airport. These were both good ideas that were wisely dropped.

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