Matthew Perry Said He Did NOT feel Supported by the Fellow FRIENDS Cast Members

Most people who watch the show “Friends” know that the show’s star, Matthew Perry, has a problem with at least some of the show’s other main cast members. The 52-year-old actor is going to write a book later this year. In it, he’s going to talk about his time on the NBC show, his struggles with drugs, and more. There have been reports about what he might be saying. He said he thought it was time for people to hear from him.

What is this rumored fight about, and why is everything coming out now? Friends haven’t been on TV since 2004, so it might seem weird that Perry’s alleged complaints are now coming to life, but that’s what they are. There was a Friends reunion in 2021, and Perry didn’t like it. OK! Magazine says that.

Matthew Perry is mad at his Friend’s co-stars because he doesn’t like them.

When Perry was made fun of in the media, he was upset, and his Friend’s co-stars are said not to have helped him. Since last year, fans have talked about how the actor looked in reunion videos and promotional videos. Many were worried about his health at the time. Because of this, the director of Friends: The Reunion stepped in to make sure everyone knew that the actor was okay.

“He was perfect. I liked him.” People can be mean sometimes. They should not be there, Ben Winston said about Perry. Because I worked with him, I had a great time. In the show, he’s very funny, and I thought he made some great jokes. I felt lucky and happy to be in his company and to be able to direct him on something like this.

A source now says OK! Magazine: “[Perry] didn’t feel like any of them were behind him, and it was a bitter reminder of how much he had to deal with when they were filming the show.”

It looked like the cast was as close as ever at the reunion. An insider says that’s not true. a source says: “They were not as close as people think.” “Their characters were so close together, but the truth is that there was a lot of tension and jealousy between them.”

Rumors say that Matt LeBlanc and Perry aren’t on good terms because of how things turned out when Friends ended. Perry is said to have been angry that LeBlanc chose to star in the Friends spin-off show, Joey.

All of the insider information we’re hearing right now is just a bunch of stories. There are rumors that Perry doesn’t like his Friends co-stars very much, but until his memoir comes out, we can’t believe these stories. It comes out on Nov. 1, 2022.

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