Matthew Perry Was Seen with Another Female Friend outside McDonald’s

Friends took a break from his busy schedule last week to spend time with friends. He was writing a book that people were eager to read.

On Friday, Matthew, 52, was seen arriving at a friend’s house in Pacific Palisades, California, with a female friend.

They made a quick stop at McDonald’s before going to the second place. The actor was seen carrying a drink from the fast-food chain, while his brunette friend was seen carrying a big food bag.

Until October 2021, Matthew hasn’t been seen in public. He popped out for a coffee run in California.

However, it’s not a surprise that he’s been hidden for the last six months because Matthew said he would write his first autobiography, called Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

Matthew’s memoir promises to be a “juicy” read, and he’s going to give a lot of information about his colorful life and career, including his battle with addiction and, of course, his starring role in Friends.

On Instagram, Matthew said: “So much has been written about me in the past.” : I thought it was time for people to hear from me.

It was a good time. Even though, at times, it looked like I wouldn’t be able to tell the story. Here, everything.

‘I’m sorry, it’s not a pop-up book.’

Another person told Us Weekly: ‘Matthew didn’t always have the best of times on and off the set of “Friends.”

With the cast, Matt had a lot of hard times.

The insider said that the comic actor would talk about how he felt about the long-awaited Friends Reunion, which aired in May of last year. He told the rest of the cast that he thought he would die if he didn’t get a laugh from the audience.

It will be out in November.

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