Phoebe and Mike’s Sweet Moments on the Show

Out of all the guys Phoebe dated Mike was one of the best guy. He took care of her like no one other did. They share every hard and best times together. Here are the few sweet Moments they share together.

The talk about marriage

In the 16th episode of nine season Mike and Phoebe plans to move together in an apartment. Then the topic of getting married comes up. Mike doesn’t want to get married because of his divorce with his ex but she does want to get married. So both of them call it off.

Their First Meetup:

Their first Meetup was a casual Meetup . As Joey and Phoebe promised each other to set a date for each other . Phoebe set up a date for Joey but Joey completely forgot and in the hurry he shouted Mike in the central perk . But their date didn’t go well as Phoebe came to know that Joey and Mike didn’t know each other. Later on Mike searched for her in central perk and then their love life goes on.

The name change:

In the last season Phoebe came to know that she can change her name . She was thinking of taking Mike’s last name but instead she changed her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock. Mike didn’t like her name. But Mike did the same for Phoebe and changed his name to Crap Bag. But she understands that it will suits well so she kept her name to Phoebe.

The Barbados Proposal:

In the end of season 9 Phoebe and Mike broke up. David proposed her to keep her but in Barbados Mike proposes her by saying that there is no reason why they are apart. Mike proposed her by saying , ” We can have any future you want”.

Standing in front of his Parents:

She was grown without parents. So when it was the time to impress Mike parents she represented her with the personality that she was not. His parents consider her eccentric. They tried to convince Mike to find someone else but he stands for Phoebe.


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