Reasons why Friends is still popular

1. For its ten seasons

Over about ten years, Friends became one of the most well-known TV series ever. It recounts the account of the occasionally convoluted and consistently amusing, regular day-to-day existences of six dear companions – Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey. On the whole, 236 scenes were created, all of which you can observe now on Netflix before the streaming stage eliminates them in mid-2020.

2. For its hilarious and relatable characters

Monica’s anxiety, Rachel’s energy for style, Joey’s beguiling ineptitude, Chandler’s wry jokes, Ross’ misfortune stricken love life, Phoebe’s ageless tunes like Smelly Cat. Each character has extraordinary characteristics. Companions fans grew up with these characters, regularly identifying with them and their chaotic, insane lives.

3. For its life lessons

Regardless of the humor and mockery that mark the series, every Friends scene finishes with a day-to-day existence illustration. The most significant is to consistently depend on your companions and not often think such a massive amount about others’ viewpoints. Notwithstanding, the primary life example came from Ross, who assisted watchers with discovering that they should NEVER wear calfskin pants on a first date.

4. For its celebrity cameos

The Friends series included various appearances from a portion of the present greatest names in Hollywood. Among the most notable: Brad Pitt, who played a close buddy of Ross’, Danny DeVito, who played a stripper during Phoebe’s lone wolfess party, likewise David Arquette, Kristin Davis, Alec Baldwin, Dakota Fanning, and even Winona Ryder, who plays a lead job in Netflix’s Stranger Things

5.Friends: For the iconic 1990s style

It merits realizing that Rachel’s long weave hairstyle, worn during the initial two seasons, was entirely cherished, to the point that it acquired its epithet (“The Rachel”) and was consequently taken on by a large group of young ladies across the globe. Companions set the 1990s style up for life, which keeps on moving the present style. From white tank tops with Levi’s pants, slip-dresses, starter coats to old-fashioned father shoes, the stage goes back and forth. The series exhibited the best.

6. Friends: For its timeless theme song and opening credits


“I’ll be there for you, (Cause you’re there for me too)”… It’s challenging to specify Friends without referencing these notorious verses. Which I’m sure we’ve all heard a couple of multiple times. This ceases from The Rembrandts, composed only for Friends and formed by Allee Willis. Who died on 24th December 2019, is still latched onto our subconscious minds even after 15 years. A couple of hours after the tune’s finishing, the Friends cast recorded the initial scene, shot in the core of Warner Bros Studios.



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