Reasons why Rachel Green was the best role for Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston is the iconic star for last two decades. She got the spotlight when she played the role of Rachel Green in friends. Rachel Green was her best role from which she became popular in the media industry.

Iconic Role:

Before friends she played infamous roles in 2 shows which she regrets for now. By the end of 1994 after the completions of friends and the iconic role she played as Rachel Green she became the spotlight and star of millions of hearts. Rachel Green became her iconic role.

Rachel became Queen of Hearts:

Rachel’s evolution from an unknown person to the star that was and is loved by everyone was a great evolution. Rachel romance with Ross Geller won millions of hearts. Her fashion sense in the show was also one of the reason she won million of hearts. Also people love her because of her dumbness.

Rachel is the fashion Icon:

Her fashion sense on the show was liked by everyone. Everyone adores her fashion sense.infact in 2021 people still follow her sense of fashion. The writer of vogue Edward Barsamian credited her with the title of ” Cool New York Look”. Her hair is of course the vital Element in her fashion iconic look.

Modern day Icon:

Rachel Green is considered one of the beloved on screen icon. Even some people believe her one of the best on screen character in the history. In 2010 Entertainment Weekly ranked her 6th greatest on screen character of the past 20 years. In 2016 one reporter wrote that she was 26th famous female character on the screen. She made the character appealing even after the 30 years the show was first premiered. She was loved by every fan of stars because of her iconic acting on the show of friends series.


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