The surprising reason Matthew Perry almost turned down Friends

How could we be more shocked? One of the main actors on NBC’s hit sitcom Friends almost said no to the show, according to Matthew Perry.

When you think about Friends, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing one of the six main characters. Lisa Kudrow was made to play Phoebe Buffay, and no one can change my mind. It’s crazy to think anyone else could sing “Smelly Cat.” The same is true for the rest of the characters, whose actors were so good at bringing them to life. A few years ago, Inquisitr said that Matthew Perry almost didn’t get to play Chandler Bing because he had another acting job.

In an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night in 2015, Perry said that he almost had to play a baggage handler in a show called LAX 2194, which was set in the year 2194 at the LAX airport. The whole interview can be seen below.

Perry’s description of LAX 2194 sounds like the fever dream of a film major. So it’s good that he ended up trying out for a show called Friends Like Us, which later became Friends. It’s hard to picture Friends without Chandler’s classic one-liners and sarcastic comments. And the show would have been very different if another actor had played the part.

So, what did become of LAX 2194? Screen Rant says that the comedy’s pilot never aired and was canceled before anyone could see it. Even though that’s a shame, it was a good thing for Perry in the long run.

Perry didn’t have to play a person who moves bags around.

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