These are the signs which prove you are Chandler Bing of your group

Friends are an emotion for people worldwide. This iconic sitcom saves us whenever we are sad or disturbed—classic scenes and dialogues. Chandler Bing is our favorite character from the show. You can’t just make up oddball jokes. His wit makes it difficult not to like him.

If you are funny, you are Chandler Bing and use humor as a coping mechanism. You’re awkward and lonely. You’re a sensitive person who enjoys socializing. Still undecided? So, these signs will help you decide if you are your group’s, Chandler Bing.

1. You can’t take photos

If you’re a good photographer but awkward in front of the camera, you won’t smile naturally.

2. You’re the funniest, you know.

You love to joke. Even if no one else does, you are a one-person comedy show.

3. No emotions for you:

You can make your friends laugh but not cry. You get clumsy, but you still try to help your friends.

4.No talent in dance but self-assurance in your moves

You don’t like to dance, but you do anyway. You own your dance floor awkwardness.

5. Your self-doubt

You are intelligent, hardworking, and financially secure, but you often question your life and choices.

6. Always honest

You are open with your friends and give them your honest opinion. You tend to tell the truth in front of your friends, good or bad.

7. You use sarcasm

He can sarcastically comment on anything. You end up being sarcastic when it isn’t needed, which can backfire.

8. You crave love.

You tend to think there’s no one for you, and you’ll die alone. You’ve convinced yourself that you’ll always be alone.

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