This Blunder of An Extra is Spotted By Friends fans and It’s Hilarious!

Even though the iconic sitcom Friends ended in 2004, Friends fans of the show always seem to discover new hilarious moments while rewatching old episodes.

After watching old episodes of the NBC show, a fan noticed the funniest mistake in the background of an attack, and we can’t believe we’ve never seen it before.

The clip features Ross (David Schwimmer) in the Central Perk, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that another ‘customer’ does something that has caught the attention of many TikTokers.

On closer inspection, it includes as though the background actor portraying a customer is chewing coffee. Oh my goodness!

If you were unaware, background actors, also known as extras, are hired to make scenes set in public spaces appear more realistic on television and in the movies.

Typically, background actors have no lines but contribute to establishing the mood.

In addition to making jokes about the scene, some TikTok users also questioned whether or not the beverage in her cup was coffee or something else.

One fan joked, “I’ll be there for the chew,” which references the Friends theme song.

Some viewers believed the woman was sipping hot chocolate while chewing marshmallows. How do you know she did not have marshmallows in her hot chocolate? A TikTok user postulated.

According to the comments, marshmallows were a trendy topic. Another user added, “You have to gnaw on those marshmallows!”

Similarly, a Friends fans wrote, “She had marshmallow in her hot chocolate.”

A second fan speculated, “Perhaps it was minestrone.”

Someone else suggested that the woman was consuming spaghetti hoops.

One individual remarked, “You guys never drink with your meals?” Or water? Wow.”

The jury is out on what the unidentified background actor was pretending to drink, but we’d like to believe they enjoyed it!

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