This Friends’ Fan Theory Says Monica Cheated On Chandler

Even though Chandler and Monica are well-liked, there is a fan theory that Monica might have cheated on him. Let’s look at what this idea says.

The Theory of Fans

It’s true that when Friends fans think of the most famous couple, Ross and Rachel are the first ones that come to mind. Some viewers wonder if Ross was good enough for Rachel because they had many problems together throughout several seasons. On the other hand, Chandler and Monica’s relationship was pretty standard, with ups and downs and nervous moments.

One fan theory says that Monica cheated on Chandler, which is something to think about since they always had a great relationship.

A fan who posted on Reddit said, “Most people would agree that Chandler won’t cheat on Monica, but there were many signs that made me think Monica might have cheated on Chandler.”

They said that Monica could cheat on Chandler for a few different reasons. In the episode “The One With the Proposal” from the sixth season, Chandler was about to ask Monica to marry him when Richard showed up. Even though Monica was in a severe relationship with Chandler at the time, she seemed happy about this.

The fan also said Monica was very good at flirting, especially in an episode from season five. The fan said, “It’s not cheating in the strictest sense, but she did test the moral ground.”

Some viewers aren’t sure that Monica would do this, but someone replied to the Reddit thread that she might not have been as lovely to Chandler as she could have been. “Finally, someone else gets it!” the fan wrote. Not just because of these things but also because she constantly questions his worth. She keeps putting him down and acting as if he could never get anyone else and that she is too good for him.

How They Get Along

Sometimes it seems like two characters were meant to be together. So it makes sense that writers would put them together.

Sometimes it comes as a big shock.

In his book Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era, Saul Austerlitz said that Chandler and Monica started dating “on a whim.”

“When the second season was being planned, one of the writers said, ‘What if we put Chandler and Monica together?'” the book says. People say that the idea wasn’t meant to be a permanent change in the show’s tone but rather a fun plotline that would last a few episodes before things went back to how they were.

A Good Pair?

One viewer said on Reddit that they were “too lovey-dovey and mostly boring” and needed more bad things to make them more attractive.

The fan wrote, “It completely changed the relationship between Chandler and Joey. A big part of the show was that they lived together. After Chandler leaves, they don’t do much together anymore. It also removed the relationship between Rachel and Monica, but the effect was much less.”

This is a fun way to watch the show. Some fans might say that it’s good that the group changed when Monica and Chandler started dating because that happens in real life. Staying so close is not always possible when life gets in the way. Others could say that the group got along so well that no one wanted anything to change.

The fan said Chandler used to say yes to everything Monica asked of him. If someone sees their relationship this way, the fan theory that Monica could have been seeing someone else behind Chandler’s back makes sense.

Some Friends fans think Monica could cheat on Chandler, while others are sure that would never happen. Either way, it’s an interesting fan theory to think about.

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