Top ‘Friends’ Story: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Abandon Matthew Perry

2020 was a big year for the long-running TV show Friends. The show moved from Netflix to HBO Max, and the much-talked-about reunion will finally happen. Gossip Cop has been looking into all of the new and old rumors about all six of the show’s main characters as they come up. One of the biggest stories this year was about how Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, who used to be on the same show as Matthew Perry but are now friends, dumped him. We know everything about it.

The One Who Was Left Behind

The National Enquirer said earlier this year that Cox and Aniston would stop helping Perry in his fight against addiction. A source said, “They said they would take care of Matthew after he went off the rails some months ago, but it seems like they forgot, don’t care, or see him as a lost cause.” Perry felt “abandoned” by his old co-stars after Cox and Aniston told him he couldn’t go to their parties. They’ll work with him on the Friends reunion, but that’s it. ”

Indeed, it’s not a strong case. Also, the female Friends stars have stayed much closer than the male stars have over the years. Even though Perry has had problems with addiction in the past, there is no proof, other than hearsay from an anonymous source, that this is why these friends have turned their backs on Perry.

Finally, we’re getting together again.

COVID-19 meant that people didn’t get together as much as they might have, but we discovered that the Friends reunion would finally be occurring on HBO Max. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Perry, and the entire cast posted the same photo on Instagram to share the news.


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The reunion was supposed to come out this summer. But Perry said that it will now come out in March 2021. We also recently saw Perry wish Aniston a happy birthday. So it’s safe to say that things between the cast members haven’t changed.


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Perry is often picked on.

Some of the worst rumors in the Enquirer are always about Perry. After this story about Perry leaving, it was said that she and Matt LeBlanc went to fat camp before the reunion. But a representative for LeBlanc said that was not true.

Most recently, it said Perry wrote a tell-all memoir that had the rest of the cast “quaking.” This story was in other tabloids, but no book like this is in the works. Perry gets along well with the rest of the cast. And soon we’ll see the whole form together for the first time in 2004.

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