Unreliable sources Matthew Perry can’t talk to Friends cast after allegedly breaking trust

Are Matthew Perry and his Friends co-stars no longer friends? One tabloid says that his former co-stars aren’t happy about his latest news. Let’s see how Perry is doing.

Matthew Perry Has “No Friends” Left?

The latest issue of Star says that Matthew Perry has been very busy since he and his Friends co-stars got back together last year. An insider says, “He has a great sober team 24/7.” “He is doing a lot better and getting better every day.” The news source says Perry had changed for the better since the reunion show when she looked “disorganized and sloppy.”

Sources say that’s not because of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, or David Schwimmer, who were all friends with him before. “They hope for the best for him and are proud of him,” a snitch says. “But everyone agrees that Matthew needs to stand on his own and care for his problems.” But that’s not the only reason his old friends have stopped hanging out with him.

The people of Central Perk didn’t seem happy to hear that Perry was writing a book. The snitch says, “There was a rule that no one could tell anyone, and scandalous things would stay on set.” “That agreement is being broken now.”

Matthew Perry’s “Friends” Co-Stars Dumped Him?

This story has a few red flags that we’d like to examine more closely. Our first thought is, “Who is speaking for the other five Friends stars?” Even though Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow all talk to each other, it would be a stretch to say they all agree on Perry. But it becomes ten times less likely to be true if you try to tie Schwimmer and LeBlanc into this story.

Also, it’s rude and lazy to talk about how “disheveled and sloppy” Matthew Perry looked at the Friends reunion. Back then, it was said that Perry’s slurring was because he had just had an emergency dental procedure right before the special. This problem has already been solved, so, strangely, the tabloids keep bringing it up again.

And finally, Perry won’t say anything bad about his old co-stars in his new book. Friends, lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing are likely to spend much time discussing Perry’s addiction fight. Perry has even said that drinking too much alcohol makes it hard to remember much of what he did on the show. But even though it goes into a lot of detail about friends, it is still thought to be about his life. Good memoirs don’t try to speak for others; they can only tell one person’s story.

But we’ll know when Perry’s book comes out in November.


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Matthew Perry and the Tabloids

This is not the first time a tabloid has made up a story about Matthew Perry like this. In November, In Touch said Perry’s appearance and desire to be alone scared his friends. Then, New Idea said that when Perry and LeBlanc worked together, Perry hated LeBlanc. OK! Perry was angry about LeBlanc’s “betrayal” in 2004. None of these places know anything about Perry’s private life.

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