“We Can Be Whole Without Being Married or Mothers” Says Jennifer Aniston

American actress Jennifer Aniston, who is well-known, recently spoke up about the criticism she has faced for not having kids or being married. The Friends actress has led a rich and exciting life at 52, but it seems the tabloids are never short on scathing judgement.

Ewwfeed would like to tell you about the actress that played our favourite role of Rachel Green, on FRIENDS. She finally decided to speak up on how essential it is to have the freedom to live your life how you choose after receiving remarks about her personal life for years.

The Beginning

Jennifer Aniston on having kids

On February 11, 1969, Jennifer Aniston was born. She majored in drama while attending a New York music, art, and performing arts school. She initially had trouble getting employment in ads. She spent more than two years as a waiter and in an ice cream shop. She took out a loan and used her last few dollars to take images for her Friends audition.

The Era of FRIENDS

Friends debuted in 1994 and enjoyed unwavering popularity over the following ten years. Jennifer’s character rose to favour among the general public; her looks from a decade ago—which are still recognised and copied today—set trends.

Credit: Marie Claire

Jennifer might have experienced what many actors who portray notable characters experience: becoming caught in Rachel Green and never being able to distinguish herself in other parts. Aniston put a lot of effort into preventing that from happening. She began acting in 2002’s The Good Girl and hasn’t stopped since.

Opinion on Having Kids

Jennifer on having kids
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“You have no idea what’s wrong with me personally, physically, or why I can’t conceive a child; it’s like. They don’t know anything, and it was just plain awful.”
Aniston brought up the sexism she now realises was behind the numerous tabloids accusing her of choosing business success above establishing a family. In contrast, men are treated differently due to those decisions.

“At 52, am I going to be the miracle mom?”

She drew attention to the unfairness by saying, “Men can get married as many as they like, and they can marry (younger) women in their 20s or 30s.” “Women can’t do that,” she said.

Jennifer is enjoying the success of her cosmetics company, choosing her projects, and winning career-related honours, such as the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award in December 2021, where she indicated in her acceptance speech that she thought her best work was yet to come.

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