What Are Courteney Cox’s 55-Year-Old Workout Secrets?

Courteney Cox can attest to the importance of consistency. For ten years, she ate the same healthy salads every day with her Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston (who’s gone from TV to major film success). She maintains her healthy eating habits to this day. She is always mindful of her carbohydrate and caffeine intake

10. It’s Okay to Have Cheated Meals

When it comes to creating meals, especially for those new to the gym, the common question is, “Should you or shouldn’t you?” On the other hand, Cox approves of cheat meals, which is the correct decision given how hard she works throughout the week.

9. She eats turkey, bacon, and garbanzo beans during her friend’s days.

Cox understands that healthy foods can be delicious. She ate the same salad as her friend’s co-stars for a decade. That had to be a delightful salad! She explained her meal plan to the Los Angeles Times:

8. Workouts Inspired by MMA

Closer Weekly was told by a source that Courtney is obsessed with being strong and in fighting shape when she’s in her 60s, and she’s laying the groundwork for that now.

7. No More Low-Intensity Workouts

She’s always eager to try new things, which was a significant factor in her decision to switch to high-intensity, MMA-style training. Low-impact work, such as Pilates and yoga, does not appear to be a priority for the time being.

6. Avoiding Carbohydrates and Caffeine

Cox suffers from a few food intolerances and avoids certain foods to feel her best. As she admitted in the Cheat Sheet, her carbohydrate intake is low due to her personal dietary preferences. She’ll also keep track of her caffeine intake throughout the day:

5. Makes Use Of A Trainer

It should come as no surprise that many celebrities work with trainers. Motivation will not be below – and having a game plan ready at all times isn’t a bad thing.

4. Treadmill Intervals

Given how to trim Cox has remained over the years, it’s no surprise that she works out hard on the cardio machine, incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into her workouts.

3. Ample Vegetable Consumption

“Fortunately, vegetables are some of my favorite foods in the world.” Kale, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus are all my favorites. “I crave anything green.”

2. Surfing and Other Outdoor Recreation

A high-energy lifestyle is the name of the game for Cox. She enjoys staying active outside of the gym on weekends by participating in sports such as tennis or surfing.

1. Provides Mental Health Training

“My fitness philosophy is to be active in life while having fun. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and believe that staying active is essential for maintaining not only physical but also mental health “, as stated by Pop Sugar.

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