What would Friends’ favorite TV show be in 2022?

People know that each friends character has their personality, quirks, and interests. Depending on the surface, these could be things like fashion, cooking, acting, or science. Fans can see these qualities in many ways. Even watching a character watch TV can give you a good idea of who they are and what they like.

Fans might be able to guess what each character’s favorite show would be today based on what they’ve seen on the show. If Friends was on the air today, fans might hear the characters talking about some of these new shows or see them watching them.

Gossip Girl: Janice

Friends fans know Janice is the queen of gossip and loves to get involved in other people’s problems. She has a lot to say about relationships, and Gossip Girl is probably her favorite show since she is a bit of a drama queen.

Orange Is the New Black: Phoebe

Phoebe is a fascinating character because, despite her bubbly and odd personality, she has a darker sense of humor that she shows in her songs and one-liners. Phoebe might like Orange Is the New Black now because she has had a hard life and is funny in strange ways.

Chandler-Killing Eve

Chandler likes very different things to watch on TV and do for fun. Because the things he wants are unusual, people often make fun of him for them. This makes them more of a guilty pleasure for him. Killing Eve could become another thing he likes to do that his friends might not like.

Grey’s Anatomy: Joey

Joey is known for the TV shows he likes to watch, like Baywatch, which he wanted to watch because it had so many pretty girls. Grey’s Anatomy would be his favorite show since he played a doctor on a soap opera. As an actor, Joey wanted to watch the movies and TV shows he was in and make his friends do the same.

The Great British Baking Show-Monica

Monica’s favorite thing to do is cook and bake. She made a living doing what she loved and cooked food all the time that brought her friends together. The Great British Baking Show is, without a doubt, her favorite show today.

Ross from The Big Bang Theory

Ross is the nerdiest and geeky character on Friends, and he may also be the smartest, even though he made some big mistakes. If Ross had to pick a modern show as his favorite, he would probably choose something like The Big Bang Theory, which is a bit geeky.

Rachel and Emily in Paris

Rachel loves fashion, relationships, and drama, so Emily in Paris is a great show for her. It also lets her imagine what her life would have been like if she had taken the job in Paris.

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