When Kathleen Turner Appeared on “Friends,” She said the Cast was Snobby and Unwelcoming!

Kathleen Turner recently answered questions honestly for an interview, and she let some secrets slip.

Elizabeth Taylor told David Marchese in an interview that she wasn’t “very skilled” and had a bad voice. He also said that Taylor once hit another actor because he bit her during a scene.

Kathleen Turner also talked about her role in Friends as the transgender woman who was Chandler Bing’s birth father. The actor didn’t think the other actors were friendly, though.

Chandler Bing’s (Matthew Perry) father, Charles Bing, is never shown on the show. Chandler’s parents divorced because Chandler’s dad slept with the man who cleaned their pool. Chandler’s dad, who goes by the name Helena Handbasket, also does drag shows.

“I didn’t feel welcome with the cast,” she said. “I remember wearing a hard sequined dress with high heels that hurt my feet. None of the actors offered me a seat, which I found strange.

“Get Miss Turner a chair,” said an older crew member.

The actors in Friends were a group, but she didn’t think her situation was unique. “I think it was because they were so few in number, and everyone else didn’t matter.”

Turner wouldn’t say anything about how well the actors did their jobs. “Maybe if I worked with them for a few months, I could judge their skill,” she said. “But the short time I was on the show was all I had to go on.”

“I like how close they are. Friendship is shown on the screen.”

Turner also said that he met Donald Trump and that his handshake was “gross.”

“He’s trying to get close to you in a seductive way. You throw your hand away. ” She said, “When he goes to shake your hand, his index finger rubs your wrist.”

Many people enjoyed Turner’s Q&A.


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