When Will Everyone Stop Talking About Courteney Cox’s Face?

Courteney Cox seems to be doing everything wrong right now. When she went on the Graham Norton show last week to talk about her new movie Scream, the tabloids said she looked “disconnected,” and the internet agreed.

One Twitter user asked, “Does anyone else think Courteney Cox looks tired?” “Courteney Cox seems uninterested. What a shame,’ said someone else. “She wants to be somewhere else,” a third person said in unison. A few days later, she was said to have looked just as “unimpressed” on the John Bishop Show.

This flood of comments is a clear example of the sexist stereotype of “resting bitch face” and the tendency to tell women to “cheer up.” And the constant complaints that Cox looked bored quickly turned into a chance for people to talk about her age and appearance.

When the tabloids wrote about Cox’s Scream interviews days later and said that she had a stone face, people online said, “She can’t move her face after all the plastic surgery. #botox.”

Soon, more and more people started looking on Google for “Courteney Cox without makeup.” Everyone was curious about what her face “really” looked like, without makeup or other changes. People started saying, “She used to be so pretty.” This is cruel and thoughtless, even if the person hasn’t had surgery or fillers.

She told New Beauty that what would happen is that you would go to a doctor who would say to you, “You look great, but a little filler here or there would help.” “Before you know it, you have a lot of layers on you.”

But Cox works in an industry that puts a lot of value on youth. She said, “Getting older is just hard in general.” “I’ve never felt better in my whole life… But this business, Hollywood, makes it more challenging. And it seems very hard to fight the urge constantly to try to have smooth skin and full cheeks.

“I was raised to think that looks were the most important thing,” she said. I tried hard to keep up, but I ended up making things worse. “That’s sad because I got in trouble for doing it.”

Even though it’s unfair and wrong to make fun of Cox for having surgery, no woman owes the world a huge smile every single second of every single day. Passive facial expressions are common and don’t always show how a person feels inside.

And often smiles, even though she doesn’t have to. She also jokes with Graham Norton about putting a raw turkey on her head at Thanksgiving to recreate that scene from Friends.

But it wouldn’t matter what Cox did because female celebrities don’t have much control over how people see them. We shouldn’t (literally) take women’s moods at face value. Instead, we should listen to the words and stories they tell in their interviews.

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