Which of your friends are you based on your Enneagram type?

Friends are no exception to the rule that a good film or television show should use various character personality types to maintain good on-screen dynamics and create exciting storylines. This group of six young adults has spent years figuring out who they are, setting goals, and making plans for the future.

 Monica Geller – The Perfectionist

Type 1s, also known as Perfectionists, are usually very trustworthy. They are well-organized, constantly strive to improve themselves and their surroundings, and are fearful of making mistakes. Monica is a nurturing and caring individual, but she requires order in her life to stay calm.

Janice Litman-Goralnik – The Caregiver

Janice is a fascinating character. She is not as well-known as the other characters, but based on what the story tells us, she could be a Type 2. Type 2 people are empathetic and warm-hearted. Needy 2s can be aggressive and domineering because they openly express their emotions and crave to be needed.

Rachel Green – The Performer

Type 3s are charismatic, self-assured, and competitive. Rachel Green is extremely self-assured, driven, and aware of how others perceive her, despite initially appearing to be reliant on her father. Her preoccupation with her appearance may be a projection of what she believes others want to see in her.

Emily Walham – The Individualist

Emily Walham is one of the series’ worst characters in friends’ Tv show. She is moody, withdrawn, honest, and temperamental, all of which are Type 4 traits. Fans dislike how she disrupts her friend group, but fear not: she is an excellent example of an unhealthy Type 4 personality.

 Ross Geller – The Observer

Ross is his friends who are most concerned with his career and intellect. Ross’s obsession with knowing everything places him in the Type 5 personality type, which is alert and curious about all the numbers. He is a typical Type 5 because of his desire to know everything and better understand his surroundings.

Chandler Bing – The Loyalist

Even if fans aren’t sure what it is, Chandler has a steady job. He keeps his career despite his dislike for it because he is dependable and security-conscious. Even in relationships, he takes his obligations very seriously.

 Joey Tribbiani – The Enthusiast

Joey is the most laid-back and upbeat of the group. He is the ideal Type 7 because of his erratic and scattered personality. He’s a lot of fun, always up for an adventure, and always has a positive outlook. One of Type 7’s flaws is that they are often uncommitted, as evidenced by Joey’s inability to keep a job for long periods.

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