Which Season Had the Best Romances? HIMYM or FRIENDS

In the 1990s, there were Friends, and in the 2000s, there was How I Met Your Mother. Both sitcoms were about young people looking for love in New York City. Instead, How I Met Your Mother was told from the point of view of an older Ted Mosby as he said the story to his kids. He tells them about how he met the love of his life. However, there were a lot of similarities between these two shows, even though they were very different from each other.

And the most obvious one comes from the romances between the cast of the movie. In each of their shows, the main characters fall in love with each other and even with each other. By the time both shows ended, which romances had been better?

Friends have relationships with each other that end in love.

David Schwimmer played Ross, and Rachel played Rachel in the show Friends. The central romance was between Ross and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). It took three seasons for Ross and Rachel to get back together after breaking up a few times. These relationships were not as stable as Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry), who had a much more stable love. They eventually got married. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Mike (Michael Cera) had a long-term relationship with Friends that led to marriage (Paul Rudd).

When the show is over, there are a lot of very short-lived romances that happen all over it. Most people remember him for the short love triangle formed between him, Chandler, and Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy (Paget Brewster). When he was with his second wife, Emily, he said, “Take Thee Rachel,” one of the most famous moments in his love life (Helen Baxendale). Monica’s relationships before she married Chandler were not as bad as her relationships with Richard (Tom Selleck) and Pete (Jon Favreau). Their brief relationships with Joshua and Tag and Phoebe’s relationships with scientist David and police officer Gary had their ups and downs (Michael Rappaport). Many people have dated Joey (Matt LeBlanc), but he has also had a relationship with Rachel, who is herself. Even though Janice is Chandler’s least favorite girlfriend and one of the show’s best jokes, we can’t forget her (Maggie Wheeler).

Friends had both long-term and short-term romances, and both led to some of the show’s best moments and most memorable guest stars, even though many of them were forgotten after they left the show.

The way I met your mother’s boyfriends.

The main character’s mother and played by Sarah Chalke (Christin Milioti). Because the show was about Ted’s love life, he had a lot of different men who could have been his mother. Among them are his short relationships with Stella and Zoey, and Tracy. The most important romance in the show was Ted and Robin’s relationship. Robin was his first girlfriend and best friend.

Ted was looking for the mother of his kids, while his friend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) used his playboy status to sleep with as many women as possible. Once he changed his ways, he had short relationships with Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) and Quinn (Josh Duhamel) (Becki Newton). He also fell in love with Robin, which led to a love triangle between all three of them that lasted for much longer than in the Friends show. Before deciding between Ted and Barney, Robin had short relationships with her news co-anchor Don (Ben Koldyke), and her therapist, Kevin, who was her therapist (Kal Penn). As for Lily and Marshall, the most stable relationship on the show is played by Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel. As time went on, the two broke up for a short time. They married, had kids, and stayed together until the end.

Not every romance on HIMYM was as funny as the ones on Friends. But they were better at telling dramatic stories than the show from the ’90s was, which made them a little more interesting.

When it comes to romance, which is the best?

There is a love triangle between the three main characters in Friends and How I Met Your Mother. There is also a long-term connection between the two main characters that leads to them getting married. How I Met Your Mother’s central romantic mystery is, despite how exciting. The show itself ruins that idea with its controversial finale, which squanders Ted’s relationship with Tracy after years of building it up. This makes the show less attractive than Friends. Even the relationship between Barney and Robin came to an end with a bad taste in their mouth.

In contrast, when the show came to an end, the relationships in Friends all went to a happy ending when the show ended. Monica and Chandler finally had kids. Phoebe got married to Mike. And Ross and Rachel finally said they loved each other after a long wait. There is a big difference between the romances in Friends and How I Met Your Mother. The main characters are happy and in love in Friends, which leaves a better impression than the sad ending of How I Met Your Mother.

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