Why Did Jennifer Aniston Refuse To Appear On Saturday Night Live?

Before Jennifer Aniston became a comedy icon, she declined a position on Saturday Night Live for a compelling reason. In 1994, she had to choose between playing Rachel Green on the brand-new Friends or appearing on SNL, a sketch comedy show with a track record of popularity. At the time, Jennifer Aniston had completed four failed television series, and it would have appeared evident for her to join a television powerhouse.

Adam Sandler was a cast member of Saturday Night Live at the time, and he wanted Aniston to join. In an interview with Oprah, he stated (via USA Today): “We want Aniston’s presence on the show. I recall being in Lorne Michaels’ office on the ninth floor and seeing Jen enter. I was astonished to see Jennifer Aniston. Is she about to appear on our programme?” He was stunned when he learned she had rejected the friend’s offer. “She refused? ‘ She’s going to do Friends? What on earth are Friends? “He recalled his thoughts.

Years later, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler would co-star in other films. However, Aniston did not join SNL at the time for specific reasons. She recently discussed her encounter with the producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels (via THR).

I remember stepping in and seeing [David] Spade and Adam Sandler, both of whom I’d known forever. I was so naïve and naive that I went into Lorne’s office and said, “I’ve heard that women on this show are not appreciated.” She cannot recall precisely what I said next, but it was like, “I would love it to be like Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin’s era.” Who the f— was I to say that to Lorne Michaels?!

How often has Jennifer Aniston hosted Saturday Night Live?

Despite her harsh but likely accurate statements to Lorne Michaels, Aniston’s relationship with SNL improved over the years. On October 21, 1995, less than a year after Friends’ premiere, she appeared in the opening monologue and was included in the “Spade in America” comedy. The first time was on November 20, 1999, and the second time was on January 20, 2004. “Yes, that adorable event occurred,” she confirmed, “and I’ve hosted Saturday Night Live several times, and I like it.”

The most recent appearance by Aniston on Saturday Night Live was directly related to Friends. Vanessa Bayer imitated Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green during the Weekend Update segment on December 3, 2016, when the actress stopped by. After pleading with Bayer to stop sending her daily text messages, Aniston informed her, “Friends ended 5 million and 5 years ago, so I believe it’s time to move on.” Perhaps Saturday Night Live had the final laugh in the end.

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